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On January tenth, a slew of new character tags were added.

Authors all across FiMfiction sprung to action, re-labeling their fiction. And then... nothing.

Some tags still languish. Many have less then fifty stories. Some, less then ten.

But this year...

ALL through this year...

The underutilized shall rise!

From today until December 31st, authors all across this site shall look into these formerly ignored, these quietly abandoned characters that form our cast herd! On this day, we decree: A hundred stories for each tag! It may take time--it WILL take effort--but we shall not abandon these ponies quietly into the night! We say Neigh! And also Nay! Let the herd sing once more!

There is only one question:

Are you with us?

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414280 My main character goes by the name Nova Borealis. She is a celestial being called a Pureblood, known to be the embodiment of the universe itself and to radiate natural healing magic. To make a VERY LONG story short, she was once the last of her species, now she the oldest and wisest of her race and runs an empire of universes outside the multiverse where each universe is controlled by other purebloods. It's all really complicated but the point is, she is a mary sue among mary sues, and she's STILL manages to be relatable and interesting enough to be far from boring. Most over powered OCs that I have come across are usually not taken seriously. I take sci fi to a whole new level of badassery. Conveniently enough I AM german sooooo I guess it's in our blood huh?

Read my story if you're interested.


I haven't seen Mary Sues in the Vaterland. You do that while I battle the French no-

Oh hey they just surrendered twice today? Convienience!

Don't get me wrong though, most mary sues are shit.

Yes, for TOO long have tarrible writers made fun of over powered characters...and I...
Am the one to prove to them all that...mary sues can be cool!
If and ONLY if done correctly.

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