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What's My Schedule? · 4:05pm July 15th

So, let's talk story.

Next story is called Side B - The Father. It is a sequel to Side A - The Guard. It is about Steel Bastion and Floral Print raising a young Cocoa. It has lore expansions. It also has romance and adorableness.

That is all in regards to that.

Seriously though, yes. I'm currently writing up and refining the outline for the next book and should be starting to write it in August after Brony Con, which I'm going to.

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Comment posted by Aether Spark deleted August 6th

No problem, they were both fantastic stories.

Thanks for the watch and the faves on my Mister Lonely Heart stories.:heart::rainbowkiss:

Nope not yet, I've been binge reading and I'm about 3/4 through now. Its been absolutely amazing. And thank you I think my avatar looks adorable too.

Thanks for checking out "Sensation," daOtterGuy! I'm glad you like it. Are you all finished with it?

Also, your avatar is freaking adorable. :heart:

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