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No matter who, where, what, or why you are, live life, respect others, show compassion, and stay positive. (He/They)

About Me

Hello there, and welcome to my profile! My name is GT, and I'm happy to be here!

I am a former member of the Royal Canadian Navy, have aspirations towards becoming an electrician, and am a follower of Christ. I love any and all things related to forests and nature (except spiders, centipedes, and earwigs), and I love playing video games on my time off (specifically platformers, dungeon crawlers, and J/CRPGs).

Finally, I am also a proud and supportive member of the LGBT community (panromantics and demisexuals unite! :raritywink:). I go by he/they, with no real preference.

As you can probably tell from my pfp, Spyro is one of my favorite franchises of all time. In fact, Spyro 2 was probably the first real video game I ever played when I was young, and it led to my love of dragons and all things purple (best color!), as well as my love for platformer games in general. I still have the old PS1 I played on to this day.

I've got a lot of plans for some cool stories in the future. I've already started work on a long-running universe known as the Spiral of Fate (the road map of which can be seen below), an ambitious, epic crossover saga that seeks to delve into more original territory regarding the MLP side of things and tell a much darker tale, while still remaining true to the core messages of Friendship Is Magic: harmony, love, acceptance, forgiveness, friendship, and hope, despite incredible odds.

Thank you for taking the time to read about little ol' me. I hope you have a wonderful day or evening, wherever you are! :scootangel:

Spiral of Fate Saga Road-Map:

Main Stories:

  • 1. Solar Prominence (completed!)
  • 2. A Silent Night In the North (completed!)
  • 3. Dawn of a New Age (in-progress)
  • 4. The Dark, Paper Moon (TBA)
  • 5. The Red Crusade (TBA)
  • 6. Fate's Final Call (TBA)
  • 7. Angels of Faust (TBA)
  • 8. The New Order (TBA)
  • 9. The Grand Purpose (TBA)


  • 1. The Definition of Insanity (set before the saga) (completed!)
  • 2. The Queen's Tale (set between Dawn of a New Age and Boredom is a Way of Life) (TBA)
  • 3. Open Up Your Heart (set between The Red Crusade and Fate's Final Call) (TBA)
  • 4. Red Rose (set midway through The New Order) (TBA)
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Hey, do you want to join Lucky Seven's Discord Server?

It's a pretty cool place.



I'm bet you've probably Mr. Blue Sky by ELO before. They have a lot of orchestral parts in their songs, most of the time. It's mainly just violin and cello, but it works very, very well.

And that's fine that you mainly like just songs. I'm a big CD guy, so I mostly listen to entire albums at a time.

I love power metal, symphonic metal, Viking metal, and pretty much all forms of rock. I also LOVE orchestral music, Celtic music, and the occasional atmospheric trance song. Electro-swing is awesome too, but so very rare. I also like the occasional “bouncy” dance/club tune.

Really, most genres have some songs that I like, I’m not too picky (except for rap and country; I can’t stand rap at all, except for some nerdcore rap -- like JT Music, Stupendium, and Dan Bull -- but that’s hardly rap, and country gets old really fast, unless it’s either really unique, a classic, or dark country). Most of my collection of songs are just random songs that I listened to and liked, rather than following any specific genre or group.

What bands/genres of music do you like the most?

I have a blog post linked in my bio if you really want to know more, but the genres I own the most albums of are New Wave (80's), Progressive Rock, and whatever falls under the umbrella that is Alternative/Indie.

Electric Light Orchestra is my favorite band, however.

I honestly like MLP and music with the same varacity.

You’re welcome, and thank you too! :twilightsmile:

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