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Licensed Real Estate Agent & Notary Public. I also really love magical girls.

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I figured I might as well link this here. This is my blog I use for Magical Girl anime. I unfortunately haven't done much with it lately due to being busy with other things though.



Starlight Glimmer Regrets Her Mistakes · 11:19pm January 7th

Coming Soonish

I wonder if this picture could possibly have anything to do with anything...


Daylight Gleam · 2:37am Jun 7th, 2021

Thanks to a very kind anonymous artist, here is my premier OC, the lovely Daylight Gleam.

Report MagicS · 278 views · Story: Applejack Gets Lost ·

Future of the Lostverse · 1:17pm Apr 12th, 2021

I really like to write as it turns out. And I don’t want these little adventures of mine to end so soon.

So for the future of the somewhat interconnected verse that I’ve created, here are the stories:

1. Fluttershy Digs Deep – A relatively shorter story that should be around 80,000 words. It’ll be a very whimsical and fantastical story that primarily takes influence from Alice in Wonderland and Journey to the Center of the Earth. Complete

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I just saw it. I must have missed it somehow.
Edit: I hope you had a nice holiday season.

I left an author's note in the latest chapter that I'd be gone for about a week for the holidays. New chapter will come out today.

You haven't update Rainbow Dash around the world for a while without explanation. I hope everything is okay with you and that you'll start updating again soon.

Hey! No prob I love a good western and I'm on a sorta cowboy kick atm :twilightsmile:

I'm glad you were enjoying Neon Dreams, I have plans to go back to it just not any time soon y'know?

Wow your stories are mostly Hella short or Hella long

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