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This story is a sequel to Rainbow Dash's Unstoppable Ego

Rainbow Dash’s journey to be the first pony to ever fly all the way around the world is only beginning. Now on the other side of the world she faces all new trials as she crosses mountains, forests, deserts, oceans and more. Old enemies still chase her, new enemies will be made, but new friendships will be forged as well. As long as she believes in herself and keeps her friends in her heart, no monster, ancient demon, griffon pirate, evil pony, or anything else can break her determination and her desire for an awesome adventure.

Updates daily. Art provided by ZettaiDullahan.

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Unnatural extreme cold won't be enough to stop Rainbow. Maybe she'll find a clue as to why it is different on the other side of Nogt. I'm already tracking story of course.

Ohohohohohoooooo, I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Let’s take a trip around the world, shall we? :rainbowdetermined2:

That must be a really extreme cold to freeze her wings.

It's different from the True North on the other side that she's already been through, there's a reason for this.

A click counter is a mechanical, electronic, or software device used to incrementally count something, typically fleeting. One of the most common things tally counters are used for is counting people, animals, or things that are coming and going from some location.

Snow ponies?

I wonder how Rainbow will get out of this situation.

Ah she is likely to face the Windigos

Will this story be as long as the previous one?

It will be a bit longer.

I wonder what that shadow is but I guess we will soon find out.

Rainbow has some better equipment at least and I wonder what caused that reindeer to die.

It's good that she managed to get out of the crevice even if her tools were unconventional.

Man this is honestly a pretty brutal start to the story. Reminds me of a short story I read back in high school about an unprepared man traveling through the Klondike slowing freezing to death. I doubt Dash is gonna meet a similar fate, but its still a lot more bleak than what I was expecting.

Rainbow certainly is determined to overcome the unnatural cold as possibly the first person ever. It really does look like some force is actively hindering her progress.

This is my only mainline story to get a T rating for a reason, I realized pretty quickly while planning things out that it was going to be a bit more serious and needed to be T instead of E. The further things go the more necessary that T becomes.

I guess she will beat whatever is causing this storm that in result making the whole region finally free from the cold death weather

It really looks like that storm intended to keep her trapped in there. Whoever or whatever is responsible for the unnatural cold doesn't want anyone to make it through.

Poor Ice Dragon 🐉 I wish we got to see more then just a chapter for him. Maybe he’ll be inspired by Dash and take off to the dragon lands

Btw, you mention this is the last story of Rainbow adventure? If so I guess this will be longer since she is going to be traveling across the whole planet then hits the south pool to head North again towards Equestria?

Maybe that’s to much asking for spoilers lol :rainbowderp:

Yes it's just these two stories and this one is probably going to be about 200k longer.

Raalzeron is a tragic figure and it's a shame that he has nobody left. I wonder who other than Discord would be older than Raalzeron since the oldest beings Rainbow has met are mostly only a few thousand years old.

I just realized that mad evil pony chasing Rainbow Dash is likely going to kill Raalzeron because he plans to start helping every Creature that passes by… :fluttercry:

So this giant wall is it like we can pretty much see it from space big no matter how far we our from it?

Yeah it would probably be that big. Essentially it runs the whole circumference of the top quarter of the world, and then also meets in the middle right at the north pole. It's not super thick though relative to how tall it is or how long it runs.


Now I wonder if there is another wall on the south side of the world. If so this planet could have many secrets within it if both walls actually connected together?

It is good that Rainbow managed to leave the Frozen North but it's clear that Heartless is still following her.

I wonder will these other civilizations that Rainbow will meet have different languages this time? Like the whole world can’t just have one language…

She shouldn't have thrown away the bag indeed especially since she realized she should have prepared a bit more and having an old bag is still better than nothing.

She is really just going pro adventure on hard mode. She at least needs to think to have something with her like a bag.

She forgets to kick it huh? :facehoof:

I wonder what is behind that door and when Rainbow will be able to find out.

A repeat of like the last place she went to Fire Mountain? I have to wonder if she will see any other kind of pony besides the normal 3 we always seen throughout the adventure. Yes, I know there was that sea pony back at the start.

Can’t wait to see what this place will have

That place is clearly messed up given that they have beaten her for no reason at all and Copper is clearly not a good person.

Yes, the true adventure… Hospital 🏥 were Dash finds the next best adventure book besides Daring Doo :rainbowkiss:

Barnaby is at least a decent pony and acknowledges that Rainbow has been mistreated. I wonder what exactly is going on with lord Copper but it's clearly not anything good.

This place reminds me of a movie I saw were humanity had to live underground and built a box that had instructions with a timer that was set to tell anyone that the above ground was safe again but the kids who find it aren’t able to get anyone to believe them so they find the way to escape to show there is a way which they did in the end.

Forgot what it was called but this place Rainbow is at reminds me of that without the issue of lights going out then monsters coming in for meals

The hospital seems to be a good place even if it doesn't look inviting. It's good that lord Copper isn't in charge of all of Oreville even if he would want to be.

I feel like Applejack is mention way more then the other M6 when Rainbow Dash talks about them. I would think Fluttershy be more mention since she is her childhood friend but then Ponyville is a big deal for the Apple Family since they basically founded it.

Rip Pinkie Pie who doesn’t get anything in like forever.

This being an industrious society of earth ponies naturally reminds Rainbow of Applejack the most. But yes, I probably don't have her mention or talk about her friends enough in general. Balancing act. And admittedly it's something that slips my mind a lot. Had the same problem all the way back in my first story.

This was quite an interesting chapter and it's good to see more of Oreville.

You're thinking of City Of Ember. I happen to have it on DVD.

I think that bag at the end is filled with explosives and that something will go wrong. That map is only understandable for those that know it I hope it hasn't cause much trouble with ponies not understanding it.

Great chapters!

Barnabay already had a radio. Would he had used it to alert Crom or was it a one way radio and can’t communicate back?

Maybe the explosion happened because that’s where Rainbow and Barnaby were going to be at when it happened.

That cave-in was no accident Rainbow noticed the miners were too shocked for an explosian that went off early. It's good that they managed to rescue those miners.

Comment posted by redmar deleted Apr 3rd, 2022

Dolph's behaviour before the explosian also indicates someone else wanted him to do it. I doubt there will be a solution soon since they won't have any clues until they find Dolph.

I can't believe it took me this long to find a typo right in the story's title.


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