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Is there? Well, that's at least a sign that G5 is popular. (Or at least ANG) I have learned that if a show with a lot of female characters doesn't have that kind of fanmade content (like Winx Club for instance), it's not popular.

And, I have no grudge against them, all I have to do is avoid those.

She is my favorite G5 pony. Not only is she cute but I find her more relatable than any of the Mane 6 (and I can relate to all of them in some way).

It's okay. Thx for letting know :D

It’s fine, I removed it a while back, I just wanted to apologise in case it caused any inconvenience

No problem! If you'd like me to change it - just let me know via PM with details to know exactly which story to move and where.

Sorry I accidentay added a story to the wrong folder!

Likely either did it himself or someone else did. Either way it's custom-designed in an app like Photoshop. I used to do that stuff a lot.

Hello there!

Anyone know where tierwidy got the banner?

Well I think I got the first lesbian anthro clopfic with Sunny and Izzy completed. It took me a lot longer than I had hoped but hey, better late than never, right?

currently working on a story that takes place in G5 with sunny, Izzy, and hitch. a doctor who one to be exact. hoping it wont have any trouble getting approved

It's good. 1) It plants trees and 2) no more NSFW pony images. :yay:

i have a friend who uses that

Me saying EEEEEE for long enough to make a bat pony proud. :rainbowlaugh:
:Right, because most ponies in the fandom are adults. The times I have been looking at fanart and the most ghastly images have appeared. :pinkiesick: At least I found a search engine that blocks most of that content by default, without any sort of SafeSearch function that you have to turn on. Oh, and it plants trees too.

:twilightoops: When the right time comes, NSFW artists and authors are working at the speed of light!

Yes, especially when the movie is made in CGI. :twilightsmile:

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