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Group related to a new leading character of My Little Pony G5!

Before you dive into the group, please remember to follow these four simple rules. Once you've taken a look and decided to add stories, just choose all applicable folders that suit your story.

Have fun and feel free to discuss anything regarding Sunny herself!

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currently working on a story that takes place in G5 with sunny, Izzy, and hitch. a doctor who one to be exact. hoping it wont have any trouble getting approved

It's good. 1) It plants trees and 2) no more NSFW pony images. :yay:

i have a friend who uses that

Me saying EEEEEE for long enough to make a bat pony proud. :rainbowlaugh:
:Right, because most ponies in the fandom are adults. The times I have been looking at fanart and the most ghastly images have appeared. :pinkiesick: At least I found a search engine that blocks most of that content by default, without any sort of SafeSearch function that you have to turn on. Oh, and it plants trees too.

:twilightoops: When the right time comes, NSFW artists and authors are working at the speed of light!

Yes, especially when the movie is made in CGI. :twilightsmile:

You're absolutely right. There's already a few nsfw images of them now...

You're welcome. :twilightsmile: Wait, G5 emoticons. Imagine.

Okay, thanks for a suggestion!

Uh, and whilst you're at it, I know this is an unwritten rule, but on the rules thread you might want to add no spoilers.

Yep, gotta be prepared for what's incoming :twilightoops:

The group is up for five minutes, months before the show even airs, and there's already a clopfic folder.

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