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StormLuna's my name, shipping lesbians is my game.


TwiDancer Fic Finally Done! · 3:26am Sunday

Well it took me quite a while given I had a very long bout of writer's block but I was finally able to get my TwiDancer story done

Building A Different Fence

I hope you enjoy it!

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My Ponyverse and it's Geography

For those of you who read my stories, I'm sure you notice in some that they take place in various parts of Equestria or even take place across the world. While I know how the "official" map of Equestria works, for my stories I altered it to where Equestria is configured differently and added places across the world.

Regarding Equestria: The Equestrian continent closely resembles the nations of Canada, the United States and down to central Mexico. (Terror in Equestria series and Starlight Rising)

Canterlot is located in the general vicinity of where Salt Lake City is while Ponyville is located where Rock Springs, Wyoming is on a map of the U.S. (Throughout ALL of my stories)

The Everfree Forest is located north rather than south of Ponyville as when I watch the show, it just seems like it is to the north as Canterlot appears as though it is to the west of Ponyville in my eyes. (Throughout ALL of my stories)

Appaloosa is located in what is Arizona in our world and Dodge Junction is located in what would be Western Texas in our world. (Used in Starlight Rising)

The southern wastes, home of the changelings is located in what is central Mexico in our world. ( Traveled to in Starlight Rising)

The Crystal Empire is located in what in our world is Eastern Alaska and the western regions of the Yukon. (Highlighted in Terror in Equestria: Rise of the Dark Queen)

Vanhoover of course is located where Vancouver is. (Mentioned in Starlight's Story)

Los Alicornous is located where Los Angeles is yet it has a naval base similar to the one in San Diego (highlighted in Terror in Equestria 6)

Manehattan, Fillydelphia and Neighark are positioned where their human counterpart cities would be located in the U.S. (Highlighted in Starlight's Story)

Maretreal is located in what would be Quebec in our world. (Highlighted in Starlight's Story)

Tampa Neigh is located where Tampa Bay is in our world. (Terror in Equestria 3)

The Equine Empire encompasses all of what is Western Europe, Scandinavia, the former Soviet Union, Mongolia and northern China is in our world.

The cities of Maredrid (Madrid), Braylin (Berlin), Horsinki (Helsinki), St. Pintosburg (St. Petersburg), Marescow (Moscow), and Stalliongrad (Stalingrad) are located where their human counterparts are in our world. (Terror in Equestria 6)

Saddle Arabia includes all of North Africa, the middle east and south Asia stretching all the way to where Pakistan's border with India is in our world. The capitol city is Ridead. (Terror in Equestria 6)

Neigh Zealand is located where New Zealand is yet in The Great War, they play the role that Japan did in World War 2. (Terror in Equestria 6)

The cities of Buckland (Auckland) and Prancington (Wellington) are located in their respective places in New Zealand and also served as the cities that were nuked by Colgate to end the global war, similar to how the nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ended World War II.

Alicorn Island is roughly the size of Japan but is located more in the area of Guam. (Terror in Equestria, the whole series)

For those of you who read my stories that involve geographic locations of certain places, I hope this helps out in the event you are wondering what areas I model communities after.

Eclipse 2017- Casper, Wyoming

Click on the link to see what I saw in person.


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My Favorite Ponies

Starlight and Trixie, such a cute couple

Princess Luna

Colgate/Minuette and Twilight


Pinkamena Diane Pie

The Best Villains!

Grogar of Tambelon (G1)

Tirek (Tirac) G1....quite possibly the most evil villain ever

Nightmare Moon

Daybreaker....I would love to see more of her

Tirek (G4)

Queen Chrysalis

Tempest Shadow

And we can't forget my fave, season 5 finale Starlight Glimmer

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Darn it. D: D; sad day...

I don't watch Star Trek.

Do you like star trek?
Specifically, DS9
Specifically, shipping two characters named Elim Garak and Julian Bashir?


You're welcome. I'm glad I was able to help you.

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