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Groups I Have Created

If you like groups where you can share your work, both in the story folders and forums, then I'm thinking this group might be right up your alley. Being able to share them in both gives your story more exposure and the more exposure the better, right?

If you like stories that are centered around fillies and colts that are clean and/or if you have E rated stories centered around the young ones you'd like to share, this one is for you!

Sick of the good guys always winning? Do you have stories where the bad guy wins that you'd like to promote? If so, then this one is for you!

Do you like centered around lesbians and are free of mares liking stallions? Do you have those kinds of stories that you'd like to share? If so, this group will be perfect for you.

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If stories that take place in an alternate universe where Starlight is the Element of Magic and the Canterlot 5 are her friends and the other Elements, then this group is for you. All stories in the Glimmerverse are rated E.

If you like stories that center around pony warfare, then this group is for you.

[Adult group embed hidden]

If you like the darkest of the dark, stories with high amounts of torture, blood and death, then this group is for you. Whether you simply like to read those kinds of stories or if you have ones you'd like to share, come join us!

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New Update · 3:25pm Last Wednesday

For those of you who have been following "Unpleasant Correspondence 2" I have released a new chapter today. If you haven't checked it out or it's predecessor "Unpleasant Correspondence" I think you ought to give it a shot. Both are funny stories.

TUnpleasant Correspondence 2 (My Little Pony: Reign of the Goddess-Queens)
Everything has come full circle and now it is Twilight who sends her protege to Ponyville. Needless to say, Luster isn't one bit happy about it.
StormLuna · 135k words  ·  48  32 · 1.8k views

Gold, Silver and Bronze. My 3 Highest Rated Stories

Cute Foal Stories

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It's alright. I made a blog post so people will know where to look.

You're right.

Sorry for the confusion and misunderstanding. :scootangel:


Search for the user Skynet2029, they are there.

Hey there, StormLuna.

Can I ask you what happened to your other stories (such as the ones with both Vice-Principals, Fluttershy and the other ladies from the Equestria Girls series)?
I really enjoyed reading those, but now, even as I've been absent for so long, I don't know what happened to them...

Russians don't work like that. To them what matters is not the cost, it's the goal. They know everything, they just pretend they don't. You can't live in a world with phones and the internet and not know that their corpses are lying in mounds without even being collected. They see exactly what the rest of us do - piles of burned down vehicles and charred corpses. Don't let them fool you, they are aware of everything that is going on it's just either to believe that it's not happening. It's counter-intuitive to imagine that a person can see something with their own eyes and then convince themselves that it's not what they know it is, but humans are just that adaptable. It is very convenient to simply believe what Putin says, because it allows them to avoid having to do anything, especially admit to themselves that they all share the guilt over what is going on. This is so petty, so pathetic, yet so human. Russians are just plain old cowards, all of them are.
But there's also another thing, Putin isn't some demon who came from the depth of the Earth, he's just as the rest of them are. He's not even particularly remarkable. It isn't just Putin who wanted this, he didn't clone himself to murder civilians and steal their belongings. They don't have to do that, there are plenty of options to stay out of this. Firstly, they can straight up refuse to go, since Russia is officially not in the state of war they can legally refuse to participate. If they are forcibly brought here, they can sabotage their vehicles, drain their fuel, drop their ammunition in the closest lake and say they used it all, nobody will know what they really did with a war going on around. After all, they can just surrender, although this last option is becoming increasingly scarce. Yet they do exactly what they are told. All those nice Russians you might have talked to, or seen on TV become eager murderers and petty thieves. Russian, so-called, opposition is trying to convince you that it's just Putin's fault, but they just want to skit away from responsibility. War knows no political orientation, only sides. Everyone who helps you is your friend, everyone who helps your enemy in any way is your enemy. The only kind of good Russian is the one that actively helps us to win, every other is the enemy.

It didn't start with Putin either, rather it never really stopped. After the fall of the Soviet Union, when Putin was just a petty gangster trafficking coke through St.Petersburg port, Russia has attacked Moldova and occupied a part of its territory and didn't recall its troops even to this very day. Apparently, it will be up to us to put them in a mound almost 30 years too late They also attempted to support the Serbian genocide of Albanians in Kosovo. Of course, let's not forget their brutal colonial war against Chechens who tried to separate along with everyone else after the Union collapsed, they have been doing pretty much exactly the same thing as they now do here. They always do exactly the same thing regardless of what year it is. Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible burned Novgorod to the ground 3 times before it finally complied. It has been over 500 years and there is still nothing different about them.

  • Viewing 760 - 764 of 764
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