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The new reality lies in a special place, a special place called the Glimmerverse.


Another StarSparkle fic out · 5:22am December 9th

I have just finished my most recent story, "Getting Serious." It is a StarSparkle story and it will have a sequel sometime in the future but after this, I plan on doing a few Glimmerverse stories. Sorry I can't provide a direct link to it since it is rated M but I will tag it on this post.

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Glimmer Gifs

This is how I feel sometimes.

Twilight, would you leave me the hell alone?

She gets it Twilight, you need her.

Just follow the directions Pinkie.

Calm down Trixie!

It's official, Trixie loves Starlight!

She knows you love her Trixie!

Starlight gets Toolaroola and Coconut Creme to stop fighting.


Yes Trixie, I like like you!

An Endless Number of Starlights

That sounds fun Twilight! So your bedroom or mine?

You look familiar, do I know you?

The Elements of Harmony in the Glimmerverse

Starlight Glimmer: Magic
Minuette: Laughter
Moondancer: Loyalty
Lemon Hearts: Honesty
Lyra Heartstrings: Generosity
Twinkleshine: Kindness

Latest Stories

Starlight Glimmer Memes

Damn straight, outside of Celestia and Luna, her magic is unmatched.

Magic lessons are far more exciting than boring friendship lessons.

You hate Starlight?, She doesn't care!

And what makes her the happiest? The Glimmerverse of course!

And what does Trixie think about this?

Of course I like you!

Best Season 5 Finale Moments Involving Starlight

Welcome Home Twilight!

What did I do? You're about to find out!

Caught you Twily!

Cutie Marks for Cutie Marks, sounds like a fair trade to me!

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we lived in a world where everypony was equal? Nopony would ever tease anypony there!

The best air war of all time.

Good job Twilight, Good job!

Not even Princess Twilight is that important!

Spare me your overblown ego!

Getting ready to head home.

Can anypony say D'AWWWW!

How can a group of ponies who are so different be so important?

And for taking away my victory, I'm stealing the waifu of many....Fluttershy is MINE!

Amethyst Star Memes

Other than the ponies I have in my favorite ponies list, Amethyst Star is also one of my favorites. It was her behavior in "Mare Do Well" that got me to liking her. Here are some good memes of her.

Sick of the laziness of Ponyville

Irritated with Berry Punch

Irritated with Rainbow Dash

My head canon on Amethyst's family....and no Derpy is NOT her mother!


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Welcome to the Glimmerverse

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  • Celestia's Protege Starlight did it, she passed her entrance exam and was accepted as Celestia's protege. Join her during her journey through school where she makes new friends, continues to expand her knowledge and helps other ponies with their studies. by StormLuna 12,837 words · 325 views · 19 likes · 6 dislikes
  • Starlight Glimmer and Friends: Adventures in Equestria (Season 1) Starlight has come of age and is now going to aid Celestia with bigger issues. What she doesn't know is that things will not only change for her, but her friends as well. by StormLuna 22,142 words · 231 views · 21 likes · 5 dislikes

Stories from the Glimmerverse

  • Filling In When Princess Celestia falls ill, she summons Starlight Glimmer to Canterlot to take over her duties for a few days. Celestia is confident in her protege's abilities but Luna has her doubts. by StormLuna 11,341 words · 159 views · 19 likes · 3 dislikes

The Glimmerverse in Greater Detail

After a lot of thought, writing three stories that fit into a new reality where Starlight plays the role of Twilight and seeing multiple ponies having their own "insert pony here" verse, I have decided that the time has come for a Glimmerverse.

About the Glimmerverse, it all begins in the alternate ending of "An Unlikely Love: The Tale of Two Friendship Students" where Starlight altered Starswirl's spell further and rather than stopping the rainboom, she simply stopped Twilight from hatching Spike, causing her to fail her exam.

With that alteration it is completely different, both adult Twilight and Starlight simply disappear but the time scroll along with all her adult knowledge comes through a portal right above Starlight as a filly in her hometown. She reads the scroll, understands it perfectly, gets her cutie mark and then knows and is able to do all the magic she could as an adult in the prior timeline. It is at that moment that the Glimmerverse is born and the destinies of many are altered.

After her parents discover how powerful her magic is, see her with that time scroll and see her flying, her folks take her to Canterlot to take an exam to get into Celestia's school. She passes, hatches Spike and becomes Celestia's protege.

It is because of that, that Sunburst getting his mark and going off to Canterlot does not bother Starlight for long, which causes her to go down a completely different path. In the Glimmerverse, Sunburst does not play much of a role due to his flunking out of Celestia's school despite Starlight trying to tutor him along with Trixie in "Celestia's Protege." Trixie will be much like she is in the regular MLP universe, up through season 6, an occasional pain in the flank that shows up every now and then.

During her time in Celestia's school, not only does Starlight impress Celestia with both her magical and academic talent, she also makes five very close friends (Moondancer, Minuette, Lemon Hearts, Twinkleshine and Lyra Heartstrings). Unlike Twilight, Starlight is very sociable and does not try to avoid her friends, she instead keeps her grades high all while spending plenty of time with them.

What really causes the Glimmerverse to be different is that Starlight attends Moondancer's party and it winds up being this new Mane Six along with Spike who all go to Ponyville to prepare for the Summer Sun Celebration and naturally, become the element bearers when they defeat Nightmare Moon. The element bearers are as follows:

Starlight: Magic
Moondancer: Loyalty
Minuette: Laughter
Lemon Hearts: Honesty
Lyra: Generosity
Twinkleshine: Kindness

Those become apparent in "Saving the Sun: Part 2" in "Starlight Glimmer and Friends: Adventures in Equestria (Season 1)"

After they defeat Nightmare Moon, these six friends and schoolmates are the ones who move to Ponyville. Now members of the Ponyville 5 as they shall be referred to in the Glimmerverse do have a bit of a role in the Glimmerverse and do have their talents since it was only Twilight's accomplishment that Starlight stopped. The primary one will be Applejack since it is discovered that Lemon Hearts is actually an Apple sibling who was put up for adoption for reasons that are discussed in "Closer than She Thinks" in "Starlight Glimmer and Friends."

In the future Twilight will eventually have a role as an antagonist but events such as Shining Armor and Cadence's wedding will not play any role in the Glimmerverse because unlike Twilight knowing Cadence and easily being able to tell that Cadence wasn't herself, Starlight wouldn't have that luxury. They will be the royal couple of the Crystal Empire but they will just be another royal pair, not any sort of family in the Glimmerverse.

Now very similar threats that threaten Equestria in the current ponyverse will exist in the Glimmerverse but these element bearers will not exactly handle them the same way, their ways will involve more magic given they are all unicorns.

I hope as I continue to build on this, which is going to become my primary goal now, I do hope you will enjoy it.

The Glimmerverse vs. The FiM Universe

When I created the Glimmerverse in the alternate ending of "An Unlikely Love: The Tale of Two Friendship Students" I had plans for it to be different that the regular MLP universe.

Of course naturally it was Starlight Glimmer who was accepted as Celestia's protege rather than Twilight Sparkle. Of course this altered the destiny of Starlight Glimmer dramatically. Naturally the biggest difference is that in The Glimmerverse, Starlight never wound up oppressing "Our Town" nor did she have to engage in a time travel battle given that she fixed that need upon preventing Twilight from getting her cutie mark.

In the Glimmerverse, this never happened because Starlight never created "Our Town."

As we all know, in the FiM universe, Starlight's first friend was taken to Canterlot after he did some fancy trick with books and she was left behind and thus, went down a bad path in life. In The Glimmerverse, it was not long after he left that her adult self's knowledge, energy and the time scroll arrived to her through a portal as a filly, which set her on a better path that would lead to her success.

In the FiM universe, Starlight never made another friend, in The Glimmerverse, Starlight made five very close friends, the Canterlot 5 as some call them. This of course led her down a path different than Twilight did who was rather anti-social in Celestia's school. In the end it led to not just Starlight being sent to Ponyville to prepare for the Summer Sun Celebration, but her friends as well.

Rather than Twilight and five ponies she had just met becoming friends and uniting to use the Elements of Harmony on Nightmare Moon, it was Starlight Glimmer and five ponies she had been friends with for over a decade, creating a more unique group dynamic, one where they ALWAYS acted like friends, unlike the early part of FiM where it seemed like they sometimes didn't.

Like Twilight, Starlight does have her bouts of paranoia, OCD but what makes her special, she has a sixth sense that she always listens to because it is always right.

One special thing about Starlight that Twilight does not have in FiM is her protective nature she has towards a lock box. She is so protective of it because it contains the further altered scroll of Starswirl's that allowed Starlight to hang around and stop Starlight from hatching Spike while allowing the members of the Ponyville 5 (Twilight's friends) to meet.

More differences will be revealed as I continue on both the linear and non-linear stories but be rest assured, The Glimmerverse won't simply be FiM with different ponies but the same personalities.

Why I like Starlight Glimmer So Much

Starlight Glimmer, one of the most divisive characters in My Little Pony. I remember how Alicorn Twilight divided the fandom but Starlight Glimmer did so much more. I remember when she first showed up and how she was universally hated and when she first showed up I found her as a fascinating character and an amazing villain. Unlike Nightmare Moon, Discord, Chrysalis, Sombra and Tirek, you couldn't tell she was a villain from a distance. She had a lot more depth as a villain.

Do I see much of Starlight Glimmer in myself?, yes I do. In the season 5 finale, we see what caused Starlight to go down the path she did. Did I lose friends growing up, yes. Was it for the same reason, no but it was over matters that were beyond my control. Granted I didn't go down a path that would lead to my destruction but she is a character I can relate to and empathize with quite a bit.

When it comes down to it, it is season 5 Starlight that is most appealing to me. She had a vindictive side, a side that wants revenge which is a lot like me. She masked her pain with anger which is something that I tend to do as well.

I do like the current Starlight Glimmer and her closeness with Trixie and friendship with Thorax. Remember how in the beginning I said that she is divisive? I can only imagine what would happen if (or should I say when) she gets her wings, likely after going through hell to defeat Chrysalis? I could actually see that as the one thing that would truly tear this fandom apart.

I hate to think about how members of the fandom will interact once the above happens but whether or not she ever ascends, she will be my favorite.

The Best Villain of MLP: FiM

Season 5 Starlight Glimmer is easily the best villain. Yes Tirek was more destructive and easily the most evil villain in G4 but Starlight is not only my favorite, she is also the most unique.

My Ponyverse and it's Geography

For those of you who read my stories, I'm sure you notice in some that they take place in various parts of Equestria or even take place across the world. While I know how the "official" map of Equestria works, for my stories I altered it to where Equestria is configured differently and added places across the world.

Regarding Equestria: The Equestrian continent closely resembles the nations of Canada, the United States and down to central Mexico. (Terror in Equestria series and Starlight Rising)

Canterlot is located in the general vicinity of where Salt Lake City is while Ponyville is located where Rock Springs, Wyoming is on a map of the U.S. (Throughout ALL of my stories)

The Everfree Forest is located north rather than south of Ponyville as when I watch the show, it just seems like it is to the north as Canterlot appears as though it is to the west of Ponyville in my eyes. (Throughout ALL of my stories)

Appaloosa is located in what is Arizona in our world and Dodge Junction is located in what would be Western Texas in our world. (Used in Starlight Rising)

The southern wastes, home of the changelings is located in what is central Mexico in our world. ( Traveled to in Starlight Rising)

The Crystal Empire is located in what in our world is Eastern Alaska and the western regions of the Yukon. (Highlighted in Terror in Equestria: Rise of the Dark Queen)

Vanhoover of course is located where Vancouver is. (Mentioned in Starlight's Story)

Los Alicornous is located where Los Angeles is yet it has a naval base similar to the one in San Diego (highlighted in Terror in Equestria 6)

Manehattan, Fillydelphia and Neighark are positioned where their human counterpart cities would be located in the U.S. (Highlighted in Starlight's Story)

Maretreal is located in what would be Quebec in our world. (Highlighted in Starlight's Story)

Tampa Neigh is located where Tampa Bay is in our world. (Terror in Equestria 3)

The Equine Empire encompasses all of what is Western Europe, Scandinavia, the former Soviet Union, Mongolia and northern China is in our world.

The cities of Maredrid (Madrid), Braylin (Berlin), Horsinki (Helsinki), St. Pintosburg (St. Petersburg), Marescow (Moscow), and Stalliongrad (Stalingrad) are located where their human counterparts are in our world. (Terror in Equestria 6)

Saddle Arabia includes all of North Africa, the middle east and south Asia stretching all the way to where Pakistan's border with India is in our world. The capitol city is Ridead. (Terror in Equestria 6)

Neigh Zealand is located where New Zealand is yet in The Great War, they play the role that Japan did in World War 2. (Terror in Equestria 6)

The cities of Buckland (Auckland) and Prancington (Wellington) are located in their respective places in New Zealand and also served as the cities that were nuked by Colgate to end the global war, similar to how the nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ended World War II.

Alicorn Island is roughly the size of Japan but is located more in the area of Guam. (Terror in Equestria, the whole series)

For those of you who read my stories that involve geographic locations of certain places, I hope this helps out in the event you are wondering what areas I model communities after.

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Are you a misanthrope?

what happened to the The Markless Mare?:twilightsmile::pinkiesad2:


That would make for a great non-linear story. She is roughly the same age as Starlight in The Glimmerverse. For the linear timeline, I am planning on making her an antagonist but with the non-linear stories, I have a lot more leeway in what I can do. I will figure out some sort of role for her but an adult blank flank does make for an interesting situation for her.

I have a idea for Twilight in your stories. She doesn't have her cutiemark yet. Because she got it the day she hatch spike. SO she will be a blank flank and maybe living with her parents still or in a house full of books, trying to find her cutiemark. Just a thought :rainbowkiss:

I cant wait for more of your stories!!! I LOVE THIS TIMELINE! I am following you and waiting for MORE STORIES!!!! :heart:

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