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Five Adorable Fillies


Trixie Works Her Magic · 1:12pm Oct 30th, 2022

Before I say anything further, let me say that I absolutely adore G5. Imagine if Trixie traveled forward in time into the G5 world and ran across Sunny, Izzy and Pipp. She then decided she wanted to make them G4 ponies so she cast a spell on them to transform them into G4 ponies. Thing is, she transformed them into Fond Feather, Swoon Song and Dear Darling....thing is, the three would lust for her big time and make her their slave. How fun of a story would that be?

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For the true fan, there is room in our hearts for both G4 and G5

Groups I Have Created

If you like groups where you can share your work, both in the story folders and forums, then I'm thinking this group might be right up your alley. Being able to share them in both gives your story more exposure and the more exposure the better, right?

If you like stories that are centered around fillies and colts that are clean and/or if you have E rated stories centered around the young ones you'd like to share, this one is for you!

Sick of the good guys always winning? Do you have stories where the bad guy wins that you'd like to promote? If so, then this one is for you!

Do you like centered around lesbians and are free of mares liking stallions? Do you have those kinds of stories that you'd like to share? If so, this group will be perfect for you.

[Adult group embed hidden]

If stories that take place in an alternate universe where Starlight is the Element of Magic and the Canterlot 5 are her friends and the other Elements, then this group is for you. All stories in the Glimmerverse are rated E.

If you like stories that center around pony warfare, then this group is for you.

[Adult group embed hidden]

If you like the darkest of the dark, stories with high amounts of torture, blood and death, then this group is for you. Whether you simply like to read those kinds of stories or if you have ones you'd like to share, come join us!

[Adult group embed hidden]

Family Friendly

Cute Foal Stories

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I don't know if you have but you're welcome.

If I have not said it already, thanks for the follow! :D :heart:

:pinkiecrazy: SEX, MORE SEX! 😆


With Winter Storm Izzy, it is a matter of perfect timing on my part....that and it was funny and cute. With the self-insert clop fics, all I can say is the obvious, sex sells.

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