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I self-published my first book. Check out my website at https://roryprice.net/.

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  • 188 weeks
    My first novel is now released

    Some of you might remember that I've been working on a novel for a while. After years of hard work, this novel, Opt Out, is now released. You can get it over at https://roryprice.net/store/ and pay what you want for it. You can even download it for free and later decide how much you think it's worth.

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  • 222 weeks
    I'm back, and I have a new fic coming

    Hey guys.

    I haven't been on Fimfiction in a while, and I'm sure a lot of you don't remember subscribing to me and will wonder who the hell I am as this blog post shows up. I've been away from the fandom for about two years, but I had another fanfic idea, and I figured I'd give it a shot.

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  • 288 weeks
    A little update about my book

    This is just a little update about what's going on with me. I already told you guys that I was working on a novel, and it's going very well. In fact, a publisher just showed interest in the project. Obviously, it's too early for me to give any details, but things are looking bright.

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A bit about me

Hey guys, I'm Roranicus, 34 years old male aspiring author. Writing fanfiction started out as a hobby, but I'm now working on my first book. I tend to enjoy stories with a certain level of maturity, which is what I try to bring in my own fics. Either way, here's a little faq.

Favorite pony: Rarity, easy. She's a complex character with both strengths and weaknesses, who constantly evolves. Each of her episodes feels unique.

Other shows I like: Black Mirror, Better Call Saul, and Mr. Robot are my favorite shows. I also really enjoy The Expanse.

Favorite book: Probably a tie between Brave New World and 1984. I love to look at the fears that people had back then and compare them to today's reality. More recently, I lost a lot of sleep over Little Brother by Corey Doctorow.

Software used: I do all of my writing on LibreOffice Writer. I also use LibreOffice Calc for spreadsheets where I keep track of characters, places, etc. I'm pretty big into Free, Open Source software, and try to stick to it as much as possible.

Source for my avatar?: Rave Party Ponies, by Sandwich-Anomaly

Can you review my story?: If you have to ask, then probably no, sorry. I usually give reviews to friends who have supported me. I have been known to do "review for a review" trades, but I don't always have the time for it. There are also genres that I will not touch, either because I dislike them or just don't feel comfortable reviewing them.

Do you collab/take requests/take commissions?: I do not, sorry. I do not lack for ideas of my own, and would rather stick to them. I'm very controlling when it comes to what I write, and couldn't work with someone else telling me what to do. If I need proofreaders, I usually make a blog post about it.

Can I use your characters in my fic? Can I draw them?: Absolutely! Without going into details, I think that the current copyright system is dumb, and believe in remix culture. As long as I'm credited and no one makes profit off my work behind my back, you can do whatever you want with my story and characters, regardless of my feelings on what you do. I do enjoy being told though, so I can take a look at it.

Where is (insert favorite character here) in your story?: If they're not in the story, then I have no idea. As big as Sunny Days is, I couldn't possibly involve every character. Some characters, I had no inspiration for. Others, I never really cared for and decided that including them wouldn't do them justice. For example, I had ideas for Trixie, but decided to drop them as I always disliked the character. As for background ponies, I really just used them as extras, and often ignored the fanon surrounding them. Sorry if a character you liked didn't make it. I'm sure there's a ton of other fics out there where they get to play a prominent role.

Can we be friends?: If you ask someone to be your friend, you're doing it wrong. Friendship is built from slowly getting to know someone. Leave some feedback on one of my stories if you'd like to get to know me. If you have something worthwhile to say, we may just strike a conversation. Otherwise, we can always be special friends.

Is a hotdog a sandwich?: It absolutely is! It's "meat" in a bun, no different than anything you get at Subway.

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Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it. As for the future, I'm currently working on a real novel, which I should promote here once it's out. After spending three years working on a story involving someone else's character, I need to focus on something I created myself.

Hey Roranicus, just wanted to let you know that I saw and read the rest of your chapters for Sunny Days, and I loved each and every one of them. I especially loved the fact that you made Rarity a mom now, so sweet:heart:! I fully enjoyed this story and it's one of the best that I've ever read so far:twilightsmile:! I hope you continue to make more like this in the future:scootangel:! Here's five Spike Mustaches to show just how much I enjoyed it.

:moustache::moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache:.

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