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Hey There! Welcome to my page!

Hello there wandering user. Welcome! Here's what you need to know about me in regards to Fimfiction:

1. I read and reply to every single comment and private message. That's a promise.
2. Follow me and I'll follow you. :) Just to thank you!
3. I absolutely adore reviewing stories and providing constructive criticism. I am, however, not very good at proofreading or editing other user's stories. Sorry, I'm working on it!
4. I'm a female, so you can definitely call me lass/girl if you like, I don't mind!
5. I genuinely appreciate constructive criticism and try to incorporate it into my stories.
6. From now on, every story that I publish will be edited and proofread prior to publication. I want the story to be at its best when presented on the site.
7. I don't necessarily have a problem with clopfics and I appreciate the work that goes into them, but please do not ask me to review one.
8. I will most certainly credit the users who help me with my fics.
9. I'm pretty active on the site. I will inform you of any hiatuses that I may go on.
10. I try to contribute to groups when I can.
11. I thrive on positive comments. Thank you!
12. Lastly, I'm as honest and sincere as I can be. I'd never lie about liking a story, but I would never judge a story or act rude towards the author. Constructive criticism is my way of doing things. :)


Total Lack of Interest · 6:25pm Dec 23rd, 2015

So, I really haven't been very active on this site. It's a shame because this community is generally very positive and encouraging, but what can I say? Life happens. My motivation to write is almost non-existent, probably due to lack of time. Hopefully I'll be back writing soon, but in the meantime, I'm just gonna continue the break I've been on.

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