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Shining Armor is a tooth. Really. Princess Luna says so.

With a reading that had once been done by Scarlett Blade, only now missing (darn).

And a review by Present Perfect.

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I wonder how that conversation started...

Luna: I request the aid of two Guards!
2 Guards: Yes, Highness? What is it you need?
Luna: I need to bury you alive for a little while! :D
Guards: ....

Oh, Luna. :heart:

Staking out as close to the first comment as I could (darned real world interruptions). Enjoy this little slice of what life is like for Equestria's newest princess, a somewhat different approach to her security than Princess Luna did with The Traveling Tutor and the Royal Exam.

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That pun doesn't have much tooth to it. But I must admit to being quite enamelled with this story. The questions brought up about Shining Armor's origin and dentiny are quite nifty, though I think such insults would hurt his fillings. Does he deserve his crown? Of course, he's been around the Princesses for a long time now. He knows the drill.

This was very gummy.


New headcanon accepted.

Clever use of the Greek myth. :pinkiehappy:

Huzzah! Most excellent! A truly well-crafted prank: in character, funny, nicely timed, and it got more than one victim!

This particular devotee of Coyote approves wholeheartedly :trollestia: (By the moon's acne scars we need a Luna emoji!)

Light and laughter,


Excellently done, especially with the mythological connection. Happy Gullibility Day.

I could have even seen her going straight to her brother, BBBTF. Hahahaha.

That explains why so many of them are white.





You know, the thing that always gets me about these "go prank Twilight" stories is that pranking Twilight could have terrible consequences. Leaving her questionable mental health aside, she's insanely smart and creative. These are terrible targets to prank because they're really good at returning the favor. Her vengeance would great and terrible.

Well, that's only if you push her too far. I mean if Luna went overboard then sure, Twilight would probably eventually snap and pull some really ridiculously intricate prank, putting all of her burgeoning mental prowess to work on pulling it off. Then again, Twilight's a very nice, and very forgiving person...so you'd really have to push her hard to that extent.

5810336 A Luna and either a Changeling or a Chrysalis emote, yes. ... We should take up arms, in tooth.

Ha! Okay, I'm normally not too fond of "fics" that are really just a single joke with no real story, but for what it is, I liked this. It was a cute idea and it made me giggle. I'll give it a like.

Pffft :pinkiehappy: Nice.

Short, sweet and classical. Well done! :twilightoops:

This is definitely the kind of prank I could see Luna pulling. Very enjoyable :pinkiehappy:

Alright, Luna was praking Twilight, and for that, she buried two living royal guards.

Now, where did she get all those dragon teeth?

i just laughed so hard, i farted.

I keep thinking about the Hidden like a mole justu, Tobi, and Naruto's ability to use it in Clash of the Ninja without it being canon.

Nice reference to Greek mythology, and a highly entertaining tale!

Wooooooow *gigglesnort* I liike thish one, printhseshh! :twist:

So funny!!!! :rainbowlaugh: At the beginning there you really had me believing your tooth story! :twilightsheepish: It would be hilarious if they actually were though. ;)

I could see Luna making puns like that at the end

And I almost believed the tooth story, too! :rainbowlaugh:

Oooh Lulu, you're going to regret pranking the Element of Magic. If you find yourself at the flank end of the best prank in the history of Equestria, don't come cryin' to me!


Ah yes, the story. Everypony was in character, the flow was nigh on perfect, and the punchline was delivered well.

You earn a like. :twilightsmile:

This was great, definitely the best comedy I've read in a long time


*Throws bucket of pun rocks at you

5810648 No, this one isn't that bad. Some of them, though, make you think that none of the other characters actually know Twilight at all.

Dragon's teeth soldiers is one of my favorite old bits of mythology, so I was pretty pleased to see this :twilightsmile:


......... wait, is that an actual piece of mythology? I'm still trying to figure that bit out. Are you just joking, or is that the whole tooth?

5811688 It is. Can't really remember what mythos it's from... give me a short wiki moment... Ah, yes. Greek Mythology

5810142 You've got some nerve making all these painful puns Jake, it really impacted some people terribly. Especially since they were all crowded in without any gaps.

I must admit that this story didn't have quite the bite I was looking for. Still I managed to make me crack a smile. Usually I just brush stories like this off. For writing an April Fool's story, about teeth no less, that I enjoyed you deserve a small reward. Perhaps a little plaque? Of course if you don't want it then it's your floss not mine. Inci dentally, when can we expect more works from you Georg? I'm getting tired of just being patient. Of course you've got enough pull to keep us all in retainer for the next time I guess.

Luna Bernanke wants your teeth for the Federal Reserve.



I humbly concede to the master.

Oh yeah. Planted dragon's teeth sprouting to become warriors is an old fairy tale. :D

I've read the myth enough to recognize where Luna was going as soon as she mentioned the buckets of dragon teeth, so I half expected Shining armor was a baby tooth given to Twilight's parents to raise before Luna revealed it was all a prank. I do have to admit it would be funny to have Luna come back to her room and find a bunch of tied up guards stuffed under or into her pillows.
5811003 She punched out a hundred dragons obviously. She had to get back in shape after a thousand years of sitting on her flank on the moon.

Ah, Luna. Always with the teeth when you're making a good joke.



5811688 It's from the Jason and the Argonauts. Jason has to plow a field of stone, sow it with dragon's teeth and defeat the soldiers that grow from them as one of the tasks to get the Golden Fleece.

5811003 I wouldn't be surprised if there really was some treaty between them and the dragons, getting teeth in return for gemstones. Dragon teeth might be strong enough/made of the right materials to item craft them into something useful. I imagine an elite 'Dragon Guard' that utilize shed dragon's teeth and scales as part of their gear.



*Hurls a whole bucket of pun throw at you


Hey, don't hate on a man because of his life flossify!

I got a toothache just reading this story. But it did crack a smile on my face.

Princess Luna smiled wider. “Celestia will tell her the tooth, of course.”


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