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If time weren't a limit, if failure weren't an option, with infinite tries and infinitesimal chance of success, could you persevere?

Dunno wat

9:47 AM - CreeperDaReeper: anyways
9:47 AM - CreeperDaReeper: how does one pretend an entire year didn't happen?
9:48 AM - Princess MF Existentia (1437): Amnesia caused by blunt force trauma to the cranium?
9:48 AM - CreeperDaReeper: I said pretend
9:48 AM - CreeperDaReeper: not possibly kill urself
9:48 AM - Princess MF Existentia (1437): Thought you were referring to Aku.
9:49 AM - Princess MF Existentia (1437): But, just use that thing called 'Imaaaaagiiinaaaaatiooooooon'
9:49 AM - CreeperDaReeper: I just imagined Discord doing a spongebob imitation
9:49 AM - CreeperDaReeper: and then Aku tring to strangle him with the rainbow

my mind is full of WUT... Eeh, f**k it.

744 bottles of wine on the wall, take one down, pass it around, 743 bottles of wine on the wall

But then I start thinking, why wine?
and why only 744 bottles?