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Luna, still a bit unhappy at Celestia for banishing her to the moon for a thousand years, wants to have a small, tiny taste of vengeance. To be exact, she wants to send Celestia to the Sun.

So what is Luna going to do first?

Ask Celestia for permission, of course. Complications eventually occur.

Cover art by: drawcreator

Proofread by: The Daring Cookie

EDIT: Featured on 06/08/2015! Thank you all!

EDIT 2: Now with a dramatic reading by the awesome Wander MD! Link to reading

EDIT 3: Big thanks to Constantoine for providing a French translation! Link to French version

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DISCORD what have you done!!!!

This made me laugh! Seriously this is awesome :rainbowlaugh:!
You made a good use of character personalities and kept everyone pretty much in character. Granted, I'm not sure Celestia would really let Luna banish her just like that, but I can excuse it for plot reasons.
And I doubt Luna would really instigate something like this, or follow through, but I seriously don't care. This is a comedy, it made me laugh, and the characters maintained their personalities. Suspended disbelief was not broken, good job!
Why did Luna, Celestia, and Twilight have their bodyguards with them for a casual visit? Armed?
Heh, it brought me out of the plot for a moment, but the next few lines brought be me back smoothly.
Nice job! :pinkiehappy:

That was frickin' funny!!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Oh Luna, what have you done :rainbowlaugh: I hope she's strong enough to raise the sun for about two thousand years :rainbowlaugh:

6066405 I'm glad you liked it! And thanks!

Bodyguards are bodyguards, they're pretty much supposed to be everywhere the princesses go.

Nice going Luna... You're now the new ruler of Equestria for the next two thousand years.

So what's your first order of business? Form the Lunar Republic? Declare every night 'Nightmare Night' and get free candy?

Ooh! Ooh! I know! Proclaim 'Eternal Night' and rule Equestria with an iron hoof! Live the dream Luna!


Or... you can just sit back and play video games.

The possibilities are endless! :pinkiecrazy:

Nobody even gives a fuck that Celestia is gone for two thousands years for no reason other than Luna wanting to do it. Still funny though.

If Celestia can banish Luna to the moon, who says Luna can't do the same to Celestia?

The only thing that would change between who banishes who is the destination and power-curve required. The Sun's a whole lot further away than the moon. It'd take a lot more energy to get that far and retain the spell's integrity, so there's that.

Eh, other than that little thing, I loved it!

6066887 You make a valid point. But, of course, my headcanon can by different than yours therefore, I think it doesn't really matter the distance of the banishment point. As long as they use the spell correctly, it'll supposed to work anyways.

Thanks for reading!

Awesome, I love it!:rainbowlaugh:

Cover art= cuteness overload.

6066887 the sun is also a giant ball of fusing hydrogen, or a massive energy source. Since it's also so far away, it would take more effort to get back to Equestria than the moon. I think it would actually be far easier to trap somepony on the sun than the moon, if you could get past the initial hurdle of getting them there.

Flawless story! :rainbowlaugh: 11/10 would read again!

6067727 the sun is a mass of incandescent gas. a gigantic nuclear furnace.

“One-zero Night Shift.”


Best ending ever!

Where hydrogen is built into helium At a temperature of millions of degrees :rainbowlaugh:

A nice laugh and twilight going off at the that was the best part.
Thanks for a great read

“Well, because if somepony attacks my personal guard, I think the logical thing to do is to attack that pony who attacked the pony who was attacking the pony who attacked him; which is the pony that I’ll be attacking.”

World War I in a nutshell

Cute and funny but holy crap that intro. :facehoof:

I really struggled to get up to when Luna showed up and even then a few parts were off. A couple of changes in tenses and everything but the dialogue was really not good. Not so much for a dislike, but I can't really say I liked it.

Loved the end though. Rooting for Night Shift on this one.

6066887 why the hell are we actually assuming they're anything like our celestial bodies, and not actually giant balls of magic?

Not knowing what to do, Dawn leaned towards Night Shift. “I guess we should start the war now?”

6066887 Magic. *snort snort* :trollestia:
Seriously though, you have no evidence that their sun and/or moon are like our versions of it.

I just imagine that this is what US Congress spends the majority of it's time doing. You know, instead of doing their job...


Pft. xD

Made me giggle, Nix. Should do a '2,000 years later...' chapter. :p

Only if you want to

This was to good, this is going in my read again bookshelf. Thank you for this :pinkiehappy:

They will have their work cut out for them getting her back lol

“TO THE SUUUUUUUUN!!!!!!” Luna aimed her horn at Celestia.

This amuses me.

Celestia glanced at her sister. “Oh, Luna, could you do me a favour and not talk that way? I think it’s getting pretty old.”

Celestia is actually talking about Luna misusing hath. Hath is an archaic alternative to /has/. The third person singular present conjugation. The two were completely interchangable. Celestia lived back then, so she knows Luna is trolling.

We hath arrived to thy chambers

should be:
We have arrived to thy chambers
Just like in modern English. The only /real/ change in conjugation is when Thou is used. (Not thee, thy, or thine)

Also, Equestria's Sun is clearly a thaumatoreactive microstar about the size of their planet and mass of their moon. Who needs all that mass for gravity and hydrogen fusion? It has a crapton of magic! And obviously only a bit further than the moon since it looks the same size. I used big pseudoscientific words, so you can't argue!

6066405 Celestia never intended to be banished. She planned on employing rhetoric to talk Luna out of it while still making it seem like she was willing. /politic

6066501 That's easy. Luna just banished Celestia /WITHOUT/ the Elements of Harmony, after all. Which means she's /WAY/ more powerful than Celestia! You're such a wimp Celestia, you can never beat anyone without the Elements of Harmony!

And so, began the Great Age of Nothing, where nothing bad happened, Luna played video games and fixed homelessness and poverty cause she got bored. Nothing was wrong at all, and people just became lazy. Celestia returned 2 hours later, confused on how everything was fixed and everypony became lazy in such short time. The End.

Sir Crabbing Seal of Approval.



edit: oh now i get it

6066887 you forget, alternate universe. Where ageless horses raise celestial bodies and control the weather.

6067727 alternate universe built on magic rather than physics. The sun could quite easily be closer to the planet than the moon, and it would make perfect sense.

6068399 are you sure it's a good idea? Luna's one only one who can raise the sun and moon now. Not counting Discord.

6068747 it's always been pretty obvious that Celestia's a wimp. Well, perhaps not a wimp, but WAY weaker than everyone things she is. She was crushed by Crysalis. She was defeated by the Tanglevines. Everyone thinks she's some kind of demigoddess because she's old and she raises the sun. But that's mostly baggage from our reality. People constantly forget that we're talking about an alternate universe run on magic rather than physics. The sun could really just be a mile or two wide. Or weightless. And they assume that it's moved through telekinesis, rather than a spell. Note that previous unicorns could move the sun and moon too. She's probably at about Twilight's level.

Luna is now the only sane being who can raise the sun and moon. Is declaring war on her really a good idea?

6068775 you are a genius sir!I will stalk you now!

Timmy #41 · Jun 8th, 2015 · · 2 ·

6068747 Pffft. Thaumatoreactive. Totally legit. :rainbowlaugh: (yes I did search the meaning for it)

more like tomatoreactive amirite :trollestia:

2000 years. And 2 hours.

Sequel is required.

*looks at story picture...*
*looks at your profile pic*....
is that not just the same picture just by diffrent artists?

6068775 I like this ending :yay:


This proves I need to start reading more fan-fictions :P

g8 b8 m8 8/8

6068150 I agree. I still need work with the tense changing and probably a few dialogues.

All in all, thanks for reading!

6069191 Maybe. The two drawings do look awfully similar.

6068615 Thank you for reading!

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