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How did I get here? Oh wait... Now I remember... Ponies. Amature artist and wannabe writer. Guess I had to start somewhere...

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Been Quiet... · 11:48am Jun 16th, 2017

Hi :)

Some of you may have noticed there's been not much activity from me of late.

For that, I apologize.

I needed some time away from Fimfiction and writing. I wasn't feeling in the best of moods and was tired all the time.

Hopefully I'll get back on track in continuing some of my fics soon.

In any case, have a great Summer :twilightsmile:

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I guess he is gone, what a shame

Hey I have an idea, how about I make the story for you and you can see what you think about it, I'll give you credit, is that okay?

2392856 Mainly writing out and chapters (which I would help with of course). Can we discuss this further via PM?

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