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Burning phoenix

Hello im Phoenix, I not the best at writing but I try my hardest. (have to get these good ideas out of my head somehow)Anyway Feel free to pm me or whatever. :)

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Oh neat thanks for watching.

2268421 well im making the story entirely 3rd person so we dont have to switch between twilight and dash. and ll probaly just add in filler. you know details and crap. if you have any ideas do pm me

2268406 well i like how the story is going. and its a sorta a thing to have a nice intense feeling. and revamp the story? well if there's anything ic and do, suggest, or give please let me know

2268382 Anyways I've begun work to edit Broken rainbow and i'm going to completely revamp the story to make it much more simple to read, and I'll probably add filler and stuff to each chapter to make them better and longer.
And since I've figured you the biggest fan of that story of mine I figured you should be the first to know.

2268382 Why would I insult you? Do you think im that kind of pony?:fluttercry:

  • Viewing 18 - 22 of 22
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