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Kris Overstreet

Convention vendor, compulsive writer. I have a Patreon for monthly bills and a KoFi for tips.


NaNoWriMo Info Post · 10:12pm Last Thursday

I'm doing NaNoWriMo 2020. What the project will be... isn't decided yet.

For more information on my motivation and plans, check this post on my Patreon:


BTW, I'll be doing more livewriting work on the final Changeling Space Program chapter tonight on Twitch, beginning 7 PM Central (just under two hours from now). I intend to have that story done before the end of the month.


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Got one of your storys recommended :twilightsmile:
ABSOLUTLY fall in love with it ♡
Clear follow and a like for your Space program :raritystarry:

Very good. Now I remember you

2887781 I was. I ended my show there at the new year to devote more time to both writing and game-streaming. (I still use Funny Music Project tracks as intermission material for my streams.)

I still recommend the site: http://dementiaradio.org/

What your a DJ to? Demetria Radio? I forgot the website url.

KMCA #55 · March 3rd · · ·

Hey, I'm watching the Martian tonight at work and I think my copy's defective. I'm halfway through it but the ponies haven't shown up yet.

In all honesty I've read the book once, seen the movie 2.5 times and read The Maretian 3 times... This oddly makes the movie less enjoyable because no ponies/dragons/changelings.
(found the movie on discount in a bargain bin at a convenience store and bought it for work, ended up thinking of your book which I finished for the third time last week.)

  • Viewing 55 - 59 of 59
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