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Convention vendor, compulsive writer. I have a Patreon for monthly bills and a KoFi for tips.


Upcoming projects... · 5:55am Last Wednesday

Those Patreon supporters who have the link to my livewriting Google doc might already know I've been working on a new project. As of tonight's session, I'm now 8,000 words into it, or about a chapter and a quarter- the introduction.

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Well seems Changeling Space Program 2 has been announced with a very logical continuation.
JK but still I hope you are as excited as i am about KSP2

Mr. (or Ms.) Overstreet, this might seem out of the blue, but have you seen the trailer for KSP 2?

G12 #49 · June 25th · · ·

Thank you for your fun fics. They are a good pick me up after the endless sea of Grimdark in this fandom.

2745250 In order: too soon to tell, no way to guess, no contact. I will say I'm very curious to know where food is coming from. I hope Celestia's sending some up somehow, as even as a war measure I can't imagine her deliberately leaving hundreds or thousands of ponies to starve to death, not even her worst enemies.

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