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The Maretian Fan Art · 7:38pm Monday

So, over the weekend (while I was at UshiCon getting bills paid) a group of readers released a piece of artwork described in Sol 105 that they'd jointly commissioned. You can find it here:


And as a reminder, all the other Maretian art, commissioned and/or fanart, can be found at this Derpibooru tag:


Thanks, everyone- it's always flattering that people care enough to do stuff like this.

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Have you seen the banner on Equestria Daily? It looks like Spotlight Splash and Rocket Tier have been taking rocketry classes from your changelings!

The giant things in the sky were one of the first things I noticed, yeah. The other information is very good to have, but I didn't notice it right away. Very informative, thank you!

2683965 It's very close. The underside should be flattened out a little, like a compromise between this design and a space shuttle. There's no observation bubble on the back as there is in this picture. The dorsal docking port is closer to amidships. The cargo airlock should be a bit larger, and the crew airlock is missing (they're both on the same side of the ship). I imagine it with about twice as many lateral heart-overlay windows. And, finally, the trench dug by the ship on crashing runs for kilometers, in a rare case of successful lithobraking. But this picture is much closer to what I'd envisioned than I had any right to expect from dust-jacket artwork.

(And if I was going to complain, it'd be about how the artist took Mars's two tiny, tiny moons, and made them into gigantic Roche-limit-defying sky objects.)

There is a piece of my heart missing now that I have to start my days without the maretian update ...

I still love you for writing it and for finishing it.

  • Viewing 42 - 46 of 46
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