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Not back to KSP yet, but I did do some space stuff. · 12:26pm March 18th

I haven't touched KSP since my early experience with KSP2 was a combination of glitchy game and impossible-to-read UI. I've been thinking about it here and there, but I've had other things to do.

But that doesn't mean I'm not doing space stuff, and yesterday I finally edited and posted a video of such.

Specifically, I used Universe Sandbox to test: could we give Earth five moons that all look the same size as our moon in the sky?

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Oh well, I hope you get better and those headaches go away soon, have a good day or night

3355971 I'm OK, just a bit busy and frequently tired/headachy.

Hey man... Are you okay? Is everything good?

Do you have a discord server?

3341643 Apparently I can't access the site. It might not be available to Americans.

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