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CSP Shipping Progress- there was a snag... · 9:03pm Sunday

So, as of March 1, the United States post office kindly provides a warning of how much VAT your recipient will have to pay for their package (if they're in the European Union / Common Market).

I found this out on March 2, when I took two international packages in as part of that post office run, and was told that the recipient in Sweden would have to pay $314, and the recipient in Austria a whopping $1400+ tax, for packages valued at $50 and $70 respectively.

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Ok think I'll wait, message if the hardbacks are available and I'll get one. Thank you.

3252244 The paperback is still available. I printed some extra copies of the hardcover against damage in transit or mailing problems, but I can't release those until I'm sure they won't be needed.

Didn't want to be annoying but I was wondering if you had or were going to sell any more hardback copies of csp? I'm kicking myself for not seeing that you were selling physical copies before.

3245512 Not directly, to be sure. One of the other readers made the dev team aware of CSP, but I've never contacted them nor been contacted by them that I know of.

So uhhhhh, one of the stabilizers in KSP 2 is named the "Changeling"..... Did you have something to do with that?

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