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Updates coming soon... · 2:00am 10 hours ago

I now have three chapters written for Friendship is Deceptive. One I think is all right; two others need work.

(Two of the three are Megatron and Starscream match-ups, including the good one.)

I'll be doing a serious rewrite pass on all three chapters tomorrow; hopefully all three post tomorrow night.

And I'll have an announcement after they post... stay tuned.

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That can be done by pages's code though. seems that something incorrectly translates CSS code or something. Some plugins, vpn halpers and adblocks do a bad thing - include an external url with a tracker script (e.g. vpns love to include yandex sovetnik) into resulting page and it may go with own style or scripts that a) may break formattings b) may confict with curtent page's scripts c) may cause CORS errors if they weren't updated to current spec.

And yes, often those shady cannot be found unless user would open dev tools to see code and debug console.

I looked there too, and saw no glitches in that exact paragraph. Chrome latest update, no plugins active.

2978763 My default browser is Firefox.

I just went into Chrome and saw glitches different from what you describe (and one as you describe). The thing is, there's nothing in the BBCode mark-up that should make any of those things happen- or, if it did, it ought to be happening a lot more often than what you see.

As I said, such things would not happen with a print edition.


Hmm, weird. What browser are you using? I'm on Chrome. Thing is, it looks exactly like what happens if you have your document alignment on justified and press Shift+Enter to skip down a line without inserting a paragraph break, which is why I thought it might be something on your end or a BB code error. This is the only story I've ever seen it on on FiMFic, too.

2978087 A print edition wouldn't have that issue.

I can't do anything about the FimFiction version of the story, because it's not doing it on my browser, so I can't figure out what's causing it on yours.

If you plan to re-release The Maretian (which I'm currently rereading and loving just as much as the first time), could you make sure to fix the weird spacing issues? About every other chapter or so there's a paragraph that looks like this: i.imgur.com/tz5KrJy.png?1

It seems to have something to do with italics, but not all italics, and not all the time. For some reason mentioning Amicitas does it a lot. It doesn't make it unreadable or anything, it just bugs me.

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