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Google can go perform unnatural acts with a komodo dragon, but only if the lizard consents. · 1:57pm November 10th

Autoplay video ads are bad enough, especially if I'm traveling and using pay-as-you-go bandwidth.

But autoplay video ads that force the browser to scroll to the ad and won't let you scroll off of them?

This is trending into "no jury would convict" territory...

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A buddy of mine is hiring me on to help with his booth. I was wondering if I'd bump into you.

Oh well.

2525799 You can see photos of my booth by looking up White Lightning Productions on Facebook. I mainly sell in Texas and the Southeast, though this weekend's trip (assuming my van is fixed by then) takes me to Denver. Canada is not really an option for various reasons, not least that I don't want to mess with customs.

I keep meaning to ask, where abouts and what do you sell?

I don't know if you've seen these before, but they are something that just about any KSP fan should see.

Thanks for the fave on The Iron Horse! I'm glad you're enjoying it. :twilightsmile:

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