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Today's popularity check... · 7:04pm May 17th

Ranking based on rating, as of 2 PM Central time today:

Changeling Space Program: #61
An Orderly Transfer of Power: #913
The Maretian: #1,786
My Flight: #4,678
For Love of the Love of the Game (the contest story that actually won something): #27,268
all the others: even lower than that

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Have a follow for creativity and skill!

This might be relevant to your interests. Apparently, there is spyware in Kerbal Space Program:


2596361 Yep, he has a lot of "lesser cuts" he's cycling through on the tour. Last night's show was very heavy on tracks from the early part of his career.

Half an hour (as I type this) until tonight's KWLP. It's a Weird Al special, since I went to a Weird Al concert last night two and a half hours away... and got home very late.

Listening to the show now, and I am amazed how different your show's set list was from the one I attended!

2590490 In order:

* Ketchup is an abomination on a hot dog. In fact, ketchup is a sauce you use only when you desperately do not want to taste the thing you're eating.

* If I had money to pay for extra hours of sleep I wouldn't be hustling one convention dealer room after another.

* I believe a sunrise is a beautiful thing to see in a photo but a horrible and traumatizing thing to witness first-hand.

* Autumn. I'd prefer spring, but the colorful flowers also bring excruciatingly painful pollen.

* I'm not much in favor of giant mech suits. I prefer close-fitting powered armor that allows for better freedom of movement and a target profile that isn't over twenty feet tall.

  • Viewing 36 - 40 of 40
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