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Except. · 4:48pm 6 days ago

I'm learning to hate the word "except" right now.

The cardiologist says my tests came back normal- no clots, no heart swelling, full clear flow, strong pumping, nothing abnormal... except.

Specifically, except for a small spot at the very bottom of my heart, which might have a partial blockage of an artery... or not. The stress test was inconclusive on that point due to my pot belly possibly pressing up against the heart while lying down creating a false-positive.

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Buddy,I am loving The Maretian...

You deserve so much more recognition and success for the wonderful writing you're doing. I wish I could give you half of my followers, you deserve them more than me!

Have a follow for creativity and skill!

This might be relevant to your interests. Apparently, there is spyware in Kerbal Space Program:


2596361 Yep, he has a lot of "lesser cuts" he's cycling through on the tour. Last night's show was very heavy on tracks from the early part of his career.

Half an hour (as I type this) until tonight's KWLP. It's a Weird Al special, since I went to a Weird Al concert last night two and a half hours away... and got home very late.

Listening to the show now, and I am amazed how different your show's set list was from the one I attended!

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