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Orbiting Kettle

I've roasted a wealth of exotic things, All torn to ribbons at the hands of kings. Polished copper how I proudly shone, stealin' the fire of the blazing sun.

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Shameful Delay · 7:51pm May 16th

So, just heads up, the new chapter of A Bug on a Stick will be delayed a bit further. I'm still working on it, but slowly, and am fighting with it at the moment because it seems to be kind of rebellious and I'm having problems disciplining it. I'm not sure if it is some form of a block or simply the lack of time and of a calm environment to write, but I think I will overcome whatever it is in time and deliver you something

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It is, just a bit less fancy.

Is your username a reference to Russell's teapot? It seems somehow fitting...

Congratulations, you have earned a spot on The List!


Your story, I Don't Want to Grow Up and A Bug on a Stick, was considered worthy of spreading around to as large an audience as possible.

Oh my, what an honor. I shall treasure the badge along with my other, dearest possessions.:raritystarry:

Congratulations [SUBJECT NAME HERE], you have earned the...

You must be the pride of [SUBJECT HOMETOWN HERE]!

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