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Orbiting Kettle

I've roasted a wealth of exotic things, All torn to ribbons at the hands of kings. Polished copper how I proudly shone, stealin' the fire of the blazing sun.

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A thanking thing for GalaCon · 7:47pm August 5th

Almost a week has passed since I returned from GalaCon, and I've agonized over this post ever since.

It has been a wonderful experience, a blast, and a vacation I absolutely needed even if I didn't know it. How could I render justice upon this fantastic four days? A report? A slightly storified narration? A tongue-in-cheek recollection of salient events?

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Oh my, such daring words...

I'm gonna blush:twilightblush:

A small detail on a wonderful picture my wife commissioned for me for my birthday (and I'm still gushing about it). I think it represents me quite well.


Profile picture.

Yep, went for something slightly more classy and archaic. Can't really trust all this newfangled electricity stuff.

  • Viewing 66 - 70 of 70
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