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"'Time isn't kind or unkind,' you like to say, but I wonder to who, and what it is you're saying today."

Works In Progress (Updated Oct. 7)

-Unnamed Twilight/Trixie story (Outline written, writing in progress. Chapter 2 - 80%, Chapter 3 - 5%)

-Unnamed Twilight comedy/romance (Semi-outline)

-Poetry crossover (20% complete)

-Telephone: Rainbow Dash makes the mane 6 play Telephone. But Applejack can't help but think that Rainbow has something else planned for them. Expanded version of the July 2015 Writeoff. Rewrite in progress.

-Noise: Expanded version of the July 2015 Writeoff. Rewrite in progress.

-Fit For Dionysus: Berryshine and Minuette embark on a grand search for the fabled ambrosia. (This is an expanded version of the May 2015 Writeoff submission. Outline - 75%.)

-The Pony's Dictionary: Sometimes love is undefinable. RariJack. (Heavy editing in progress)

Other Writing

I participate in the monthly Writeoff competitions. First drafts of my stories can be found here under the name fda_approved.

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Hey thanks so much for the watch. I really appreciate that, it means a lot that my work is liked. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the watch!:yay:

Aw, thank you. :heart: I really like yours too (congrats by the way!); it would have been in my honorable mention, but I guess it just didn't fit my idea of a solution. (And...perhaps you lost me with all the Moken language.)

And I guess we like writing under super deadlines! :pinkiecrazy:

(Sorry for the late response. I'm horrible at responding to things on time.)

Thanks for the watch! Your Pony Island thing was pretty cool, especially considering you only started an hour and a half before the deadline (I know what that's like; that's how I entered Ob's 'OC Slamjam' contest :ajsleepy:). That line of "he said and she said and they said and I" is awesome, and keeps running through my head all the time.

Write stories!

(Not that I can talk :pinkiecrazy:).

Hey, thanks for the follow. It's great to see you're enjoying my writing :twilightsmile:

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