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Navypony is a submariner in the US Navy, but he earns his name for his understanding and love of ships and shipping. Yes, that's shipping ponies.

FimFic DE NavyPony

I'm NavyPony. I'm a member of the US Navy, but my name also comes from the fact that I love well-executed ships and shipping. That's 'relationshipping', to be precise - I ship ponies and enjoy seeing ponies shipped.
Don't take that the wrong way, though; I write things besides shipfics. Some of them are tolerable, and only a fraction of what I write ends up on FimFic (and I like to think it's the best stuff, but that's my opinion). Feel free to give my works a look, if you're feeling adventurous.

I just finished a sea tour and am now stationed in a foreign country. I might start updating again.
And I still love ponies.

((Authors do their best now and are preparing. Please wait warmly until it is ready.))


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Team. All.

I'm still alive, but going through some major life changes.

I don't know if I'm still writing on FimFic, but looking at it. Just want to let everyone know that I still care about and appreciate all of you and what you've done for me. Thanks.


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No! You can't just leave "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" alone like this D:
I might be an army guy, but NAVY GUY COME BACK!

Hope you're doing okay out there, ready to see you write once again at some point!

I hope that you had a good Veteran's Day. Thank you for your service, and know that you and your compatriots are in my thoughts and prayers.

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