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Night Errantry Rewrite · 2:09am Jun 25th, 2018

Hello again. As you may have noticed, I have deleted Night Errantry from my stories. This is not a decision I made lightly. In fact, it really hurts to give up on the first long-term project I've undertaken since college. But the fact is it was getting harder and harder to come back to, because it was so unlike my original vision. There were some moments I liked, and hopefully plenty that you liked, and I will be mining those for ideas as I undertake my next project: rewriting the thing, with

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Pssst. :trixieshiftleft:

Comment on Pirene. :pinkiehappy:

Just sent you a message. The short of it is that it was a surprisingly unique take on a genre I had thought was done to death. :pinkiesmile:

Thanks for the fave. What did you think? :rainbowhuh:

Awesome! I hope you like at least one of them. I commissioned the cover art for Waiting for Celestia and The Prodigal Pies Return from http://viwrastupr.deviantart.com/, and I used the image "The Night's Reaper" by http://zoarvek.deviantart.com/ for Night Errantry, with their permission. You should definitely check them out, they are two of my favorite artists in the fandom.

Followed simply because your story art is so good. I plan on reading them simply because of the art.

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