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Navypony is a submariner in the US Navy, but he earns his name for his understanding and love of ships and shipping. Yes, that's shipping ponies.


A violent, unexpected thunderstorm wakes Rainbow up in the middle of the night. Unable to do anything about the storm but unable to sleep, she has nothing to do except lay in bed and think. Ponies, Ponyville, her job, her friends, and the differences between Loyalty and Honesty - not all of them always make sense.
A short swim through Rainbow Dash's stream of consciousness.

Rated ‘Teen’ for language.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 25 )

I had a feeling that I heard that saying before.

Wow, that was great! :pinkiehappy:

I can't say how much I love this. All of my love. It was hilarious, I laughed out loud a couple of times. I loved some of the things you did, like having Dash think in percentages- a nice nod to a certain meme without being obvious or silly. And you captured almost everything I love about AppleDash. . .

You seriously made my night with this. Thank you.:ajsmug:

Good job, I thought that you did a very good representation of how Rainbow Dash acts. Also great poem at the end it tells a very important way to act keep it up.:ajsmug:

while the story might be difficult to follow at times, I still love it!!

Very interesting idea,. I like it:rainbowkiss:

Dang, I was about to go to bed... But I'm glad I stayed up to read this. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love how you characterize Dash - I could really see her thinking about the Loyalty/Honesty thing, especially in the way you phrased it. The weather stuff was a nice touch, too, and expanded upon her personality. Plus, the Appledash-y-ness at the end was super cute. Overall, awesome job and a very enjoyable read :pinkiehappy:

Before I read one word of the story, I have to say that what you did with the story title and chapter title to play with FiMFiction's page formatting is brilliant.

Two sentences in: I like you. There aren't enough writers who pay attention to the not-very-personal but major differences between Equestria and our world such as how the weather works.

Well said.

So. Apparently somepony posted //APiLAotW in one of the AppleDash groups here on FimFic (Mme bookplayer, maybe?)
My thoughts? Awesome. Pleased as punch.
Thank you, everypony.


Just... wow.

This is some damn good writing and I enjoyed every single minute of it. The characterization was spot on and the story as a whole was just plain original. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. This is going into my list of favorites and recommendations for sure.

it is a good piece of work though i don't like how violent Rainbow is portrayed in her thoughts, she a bit more easy going than thinking that Trixie was curb stomped by Twilight, she fits into disliking but not into something that is downright brutal. Yes she is tomboyish but this leads into down right testosterone fueled anger at points, it fortunatly doesn't go into outright hate for which i am happy. It just seems a little overly masculine for Rainbow.
The poem is a rather nice bit, it fits Rainbow quite well to follow such a creed.
Pinkie's Telepathy was a bit odd but then again Pinkie breaks a great deal of rules almost constantly.
Overall it's a fine bit of work, just a little to aggressive in it's description. (Atleast for me)
Still, good job! :twilightsmile:

Wow, hey, amazing.

Not the generic "good job pat on back" amazing, but when a storyteller pulls together the threads to weave a spot-on portrayal of a character with nuanced and fitting prose – that kind of amazing

I guess I'm not very good at finding less popular writers on this site because there are people half as talented as you getting more recognition

good luck with eqd and thanks

I just want to say that I particularly like the intro. Maybe it's lack of exposure, but I'd never encountered that idea in a fic before. Quite amusing. :rainbowlaugh:

"The Element of Honesty just called me best pony."

Awesome line. Great poem too. And the story was very nice.

I enjoyed this. Could have done without the AppleDash at the end (not that I dislike the pairing, just that I think it was extraneous to the story), but it was a cute little tale.

That poem seemed rather Suessian :twilightsheepish: Loved how you really delved into RD here.

This was an excellent look at the mind of our beloved Rainbow Dash. And a great representation of why appledash is best ship.
Excellent job :ajsmug:

Hi! great story! Can I use the poem for a story of mine and real life too? I really like it!

Wow, this is a really good fic and one of the best portraits of romance I've seen in in this fandom. I love the story.

A few things though stuck out for me in this fic, particularly... how/why does Rainbow Dash know the breakdown strength of air? I mean, I guess it's something that might wander into your mind on a stormy evening -- but for her? I mean, I can barely remember the number (something like a million N/C or V/m or something like that?)

That's very kind of you.
In response to your query:
I like the idea that weather control is a much more technical field than most people/ponies realize, and even though I very rarely portray her thusly, it's sometimes fun to think that RD might be much more intelligent than normally treated. Given that she has to deal with this stuff on a day-to-day basis, given that she has to teach the basics and theory of weather physics to her subordinates, why wouldn't she know it?

Comment posted by TwilightUCrazy deleted Jan 22nd, 2015

Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. Please understand that this is the highest praise I have given anyone on this site. ILY for writing this masterpiece. :pinkiesad2:

I read stories like this, and I just wonder why I bother at all... :rainbowlaugh:

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