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Words in print · 8:24pm April 2nd

Recently, I've been asked for permission by Avonder to include Whom The Princesses Would Destroy... in a story anthology he's putting together. I'm not one for hoarding words and I gave it quite, quite gladly.

You'll find it here.

(They are raising cash, but as I understand it, purely to cover costs. I am not making anything from this, nor, I hasten to add, do I want to)

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Thank you for indulging my penchant for out-of-the-way worldbuilding.

Thank you for your prompt response.

In my version of canon she _would_ have a superior officer (Skymarshal Meritorious Sandhoof[1] who runs the Royal Equestrian Airforce), but if we assumed she didn't, like the Headquarters Chief of Staff, General Loshadka Podkovskaya[2], it would be a special request to the Cabinet Office Security Committee, which would be likely granted 'cos you don't reach a point where you are the terminus of the chain of command if you have a proclivity for asking for leave when you shouldn't.

[1] He's from Trottingham. Don't ask.
[2] Stalliongrad. Don't ask. :)

The pony in question was Spitfire, who does not appear to have a superior officer in canon.

The said pony's superior officer, likely. The only way the Civil Service would be involved is by helping set policy on the matter through the Ministry of Defense and, therefore, its permanent undersecretary of state for the ministry of defense. Said worthy (Dame Golden Nib, GCOH, KCOS, lovely mare, sweet temper only slightly marred by a proclivity for pragmatic violence) would probably have significant influence over the standing orders and policies regarding military leave through the whole 'civil control over the military' thing.

In practice if it was needed for the safety of the realm or the like, most senior Civil Service would know where to put a word in. Informally. And of course if the person asking for leave is vital to the defense of the realm then the Cabinet Office Security Committee is likely to get involved. Dotted Line sits there and his opinion is give due weight. Respect for the office, in a small part, respect for being in many ways the voice of at least one Princess, in a much larger part, but mostly bowel-loosening terror. Dotted has that effect on politicians.

  • Viewing 187 - 191 of 191
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