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Words in print · 8:24pm Apr 2nd, 2019

Recently, I've been asked for permission by Avonder to include Whom The Princesses Would Destroy... in a story anthology he's putting together. I'm not one for hoarding words and I gave it quite, quite gladly.

You'll find it here.

(They are raising cash, but as I understand it, purely to cover costs. I am not making anything from this, nor, I hasten to add, do I want to)

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Christmas is on its way, and I shall be reading Dotted Line stories :)
Hope you're well.

Hope everything is okay! Have a very merry unbirthday!

Thank you for indulging my penchant for out-of-the-way worldbuilding.

Thank you for your prompt response.

In my version of canon she _would_ have a superior officer (Skymarshal Meritorious Sandhoof[1] who runs the Royal Equestrian Airforce), but if we assumed she didn't, like the Headquarters Chief of Staff, General Loshadka Podkovskaya[2], it would be a special request to the Cabinet Office Security Committee, which would be likely granted 'cos you don't reach a point where you are the terminus of the chain of command if you have a proclivity for asking for leave when you shouldn't.

[1] He's from Trottingham. Don't ask.
[2] Stalliongrad. Don't ask. :)

  • Viewing 189 - 193 of 193
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