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Ghost on Vacation · 12:57pm August 13th

I have managed to salvage a week of vacation this year (all those 20 hour days paid off!) and, so, I will be spending it away from easy access to the 'net. During the next week I'll be even worse about my correspondence than I usually am which is saying something. :)

If you have to contact me, my e-mail is the best way.

Cheers, everyone!

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I don't know how well I communicated it, but yes. Celestia the chessmaster was still a thing I subscribed to at the time. And her letter and subsequent visit was entirely designed to force Twilight and her friends to come to terms with the truth. So yeah.

The fact that it fits so well with the civil service thing is icing on the cake.

Well, I'm pleased you are back with us, then. :)

And I am flattered to bits by how much you've enjoyed it. The story's a fandom classic and it was a joy to be able to extend it. Besides, I always felt this was where it was going in the first place. Not necessarily with Dotted but what Celestia had in mind all along.

Oh no! Don't feel sorry at all! Even if you had tried, I was not logging into fimfiction for years! And you may have told me? I vaguely remember reading something about civil service and changelings 4-ish years ago, but I know I never commented or upvoted it or made a post about it. Which I regret not doing.

And this is the single most amazing fan thing anyone has done for me ever :heart: :heart: :heart:

I linked it from the A/N too. Changelings and stuff are old hat now, but maybe people are still reading it.

I'm experiencing very conflicted emotions, I have to say. On one side I'm dancing my happy dance because you like it, on the other hand I am mortified for having never asked for permission, or for even never telling you.

Um. Sorry.

But I'm glad you liked it—very much so. Your story is magnificent and I am as pleased as pleased can be that I could provide a coda.

Heyya, Just found out and read Who We Are The Princesses Would Destroy. I like it. Figured Horizon would let you know eventually, but I wanted to drop by and tell you myself.

And thanks! It's cool that you did this! Much :heart:

  • Viewing 179 - 183 of 183
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