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Ghost Gallivants to Glorious Galacon · 11:53pm August 5th

Ghost Gallivants to Glorious Galacon


A Supposedly Fun Thing I’m Totally Doing Again

(with apologies to David Foster Wallace)

Since Aragon (whose blog I’m in direct competition with) felt the need to introduce a disclaimer, I have to do much the same here. Everything I am about to write is completely 100% real. Especially the parts I made up.

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Just wondering if you have anything more of the ongoing (mis-)adventures of Dotted Line and the ECS in the works?

Ghost, lookit these pictures of ponies wearing sweaters I stumbled across! I saw them and I immediately thought of -- well, technically I thought of Dotted, but the concept of "I immediately thought of you" applies, so.

I don't know how well I communicated it, but yes. Celestia the chessmaster was still a thing I subscribed to at the time. And her letter and subsequent visit was entirely designed to force Twilight and her friends to come to terms with the truth. So yeah.

The fact that it fits so well with the civil service thing is icing on the cake.

Well, I'm pleased you are back with us, then. :)

And I am flattered to bits by how much you've enjoyed it. The story's a fandom classic and it was a joy to be able to extend it. Besides, I always felt this was where it was going in the first place. Not necessarily with Dotted but what Celestia had in mind all along.

Oh no! Don't feel sorry at all! Even if you had tried, I was not logging into fimfiction for years! And you may have told me? I vaguely remember reading something about civil service and changelings 4-ish years ago, but I know I never commented or upvoted it or made a post about it. Which I regret not doing.

And this is the single most amazing fan thing anyone has done for me ever :heart: :heart: :heart:

I linked it from the A/N too. Changelings and stuff are old hat now, but maybe people are still reading it.

  • Viewing 181 - 185 of 185
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