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Cloudy Skies

Cloudy writes stories. Cloudy likes it when ponies like each other maybe a little too much and sometimes end up in love. Cloudy writes stories about these things, often.

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Pony Fan Fiction and Positivity · 2:17pm November 15th

Alternate titles: “The post wherein Cloudy justifies their tastes”, “let’s talk about positivity”, or “I’m not just gonna bash on sadfic, I promise!”

(There are some words about To Perytonia at the end, hence the tag.)

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2349438 just the announcement was a pick-me-up! Take your time, I can wait!

2343241 That is one damn heavy burden to bear (and far too ambitious a timeline). Can I instead contribute to making 2017 a tiny bit better?

Well, Cloudy, this is just about the only possible thing that could redeem 2016 at this point, but it's happening!

So I'm pretty pumped.

2339756 I just got your message on dA yesterday, and I was so psyched! It would be a dream come true if you did :rainbowwild:

Don't read mine if you value your brain cells

2339344 Hey, your face, right back at'cha! We'll see if we can't crank out something wordsy again. Maybe I'll even get around to reading your Life of Sin this time, assuming you can promise me it has a happy ending!

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