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Cloudy Skies

Cloudy writes stories. Cloudy likes it when ponies like each other maybe a little too much and sometimes end up in love. Cloudy writes stories about these things, often.


By royal request, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Rarity travel to far-off Perytonia to establish ties between Equestria and a strange new people.

Plunged deep into an alien culture with its own history, understanding the native peryton is only part of the challenge. As Rainbow Dash discovers, navigating her own relationship with her oldest friend may be harder still.

A season two story.

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squeeeee! oh well
see you in 2018 :rainbowlaugh:

Boy, oh boy.
It's good to have you back.

That was areally comfy start, I look forward to their journey to Perytonia. And now I can't shake the idea of them meeting the King of the Perytons.

Oh, well. Let's see how this unfolds. :pinkiesmile:

So excited to see this drop

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Tracked! See you in 2018~

A story that involves perytons? Yep, I'm definitely reading this one later!

8389059 8389435 Absolutely respect your preference, even if I'm saddened for personal I'd-love-to-hear-your-thoughts-as-we-go-along reasons. See you then!

8389073 As I am fond of saying: I'd say it's good to be back, but I never really left, nor do I see myself doing so. Breaks are nice though - and thank you!

8389172 The same! Thank you so much for your help so far.

8389737 Then you have very, very precise interests! Many people I've spoken to didn't even know they are a thing—and they kind of aren't, since their "myth" is comparatively recent, hah. Hope you enjoy!

Wonderful read as always! I'm happy to have something to look forward to reading twice a week for the foreseeable future :)


Ha, so I was wrong, maybe. This is one of those stories where getting there is a lot less than half the fun. Though this is one of your stories, so there's likely to be a long, arduous walk coming along at some point. Also, airships are cool, so there was that.

Looking forward to properly meeting the perytons, anyway, and seeing where this thing takes us from here. Thumbs-upped and Tracked.

I'm a little ashamed:

That I didn't recognize the word "peryton" at all. Googling it and seeing Borges listed as the creator of the species, though, certainly makes my toes tingle. I'm definitely along for the ride!


I know it's abit early to ask, but when the story is eventually over with, do you intend to do a sequel with Twilight, Applejack, and Pinkie's journey?

I ask because I wanted your thoughts on why you only included Rarity as the plus one to the main pairing in this story?


It belatedly occurs to me that maybe they aren't actually in Perytonia, yet. They're working with an unreadable map, and all they've seen so far is a distant city populated by creatures that may or may not be perytons, and then one peryton approached them. This could be someone else's city, or possibly a Perytonian colony far removed from the country itself. Well, we'll see.

8389966 Secret: I'm still toying with the epilogues, and with how the last chapter ballooned, the epilogues may well carry us from the foreseeable future into the unforeseeable future of 2029, ha. I hope you have fun with it anyway!

8390332 8390963 Good to see you again! We'll see what the journey-to-destination ratio is. I, of course, am going to remain mum.

8390570 Most people are unaware, I find! Of course, Borges is about as much a prerequisite for reading this story as reading the original stories about Pegasus is for watching MLP.

8390588 The honest and short answer is "maybe". You will probably have a better answer in the coming months in a blog post. It's a coin toss, pretty much! If I feel like spending another two years of my life on this stuff, I'd actually write two more, but... it's complicated?

I missed your Rainbow Dash. Very glad this is here :)

Thanks for pointing me to your story. So far, very good.
The journey ahead is sounding like its gonna be epic! :rainbowwild::yay:
Fluttershy and Dash's relationship is beautifully well written. Makes me keen as for more.

Very nice!
This is defiantly going to be a fun story to read and keep up with the journey.

I looked up these interesting sounding beasts. They sure look ... odd? Cool? Certainly not all that warlike but probably tough customers.
I notice you say a season 2 story. This because you dont like the new seasons? Or not seen them? Or is this simply where you decided would best suit the story's setting?

8391253 Aw, thanks! it's been a treat to write a lot more of her for me, too.

8391706 I'm glad if you like the way it starts, thanks! I wouldn't read too much into what you find when you google peryton, at least not in the context of this fic, but there's a lot of fun reads out there.

As for the S2 stuff, hm. I don't like rocking the boat. I don't begrudge anyone who loves the new stuff, but for me, S1 (and S2) is where my heart lives, I guess, but even without my preference, you actually kind of hit the nail on the head, too. This story demands an early-canon setting, kinda. It's no big deal anyway, I just wanted to be clear about where the story is set so as to prevent grief and misleading. I'd be very sad if someone felt betrayed realising this story doesn't have the S3-6 canon that they love, y'know?

My heart lives in S1 and 2 as well. That's the MLP I fell in luv with and its still where most of my work is based (with hints of Season 3 + Alicorn Twilight. I like Alicorn twi + Luna) even though I have seen all the new stuff, its Season 1&2 that I remember clearest and find easest to write to. Season 3-7 has some nice bits and I like Alicorn Twilight but yea.
I didnt properly read the cover info on the story I just plunged into it off your recomndation on Fluterdash. It very quitkly identifyed itself to me as a season 2 story just off its nice feels and classic Mane 6 feeling (I read the cover info after reading the first two chapters just cause..). For me, it's great to see the dnymanic of Fluttershy and dash and its grea to see a dedicated Season 2 fic. These are rare to find new these days.

I got to the end of Chapter 1 and must have hit the next page button three or four times before I realized my tablet wasn't malfunctioning. I'm quite enjoying the interplay between the three.

Awesome, can't wait to read more. :rainbowkiss:

The premise of this story is everything I've ever wanted out of a MLP fanfic. You can tell because I have an incomplete story with the nearly the same premise. Maybe this will be the motivation I need to seriously start writing again.

Even back in s2 Twilight's ascension was pretty much a given. I was just hoping for a more satisfying circumstance.

I am really exicted for the next chapter :)
My only question is about Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy relationship: in the story it will be a romantic or it will still friendly? I mean, they will be a pair(marefriends) or only friends?

P.S. : Sorry for my poor english.

8391996 8393745 I don't think this is the place for that whole debate either way, I simply don't want to mislead people, that's all.

8392398 I'm very pleased to hear it - and if you press "next" in about 10 minutes, there should be a little more to read, at least!

8393325 Wow, no kidding. That's uncanny. Same tags and same characters, even if the actual story is (mercifully) different. Here's hoping this serves as a kick to get you writing again!

8394741 I don't want to spoil too much, but at the absolute very least, I can say:

The story has the [Romance] tag for a reason. I'm not a troll, and there is no [Sad] tag, so you can probably guess. I never write sad endings. If this is still not a big enough spoiler/hint, send me a PM and I can be more specific.


First! Well, the perytons seem decent enough so far. It looks like my earlier guess was right, or close to it. They either aren't in Perytonia yet, or there is no 'Perytonia', exactly. From the way Khaird has been talking, I assume that Ortos and the other places they've been mentioning are independent city-states or something like that, and there may not be a centralized government like the ponies are expecting. They'll get to Cotronna and find that it's no more 'important' than Ortos.

I also get the feeling that there's going to be some sort of faux pas at the festival. Something to do with conflicting fashion tastes, probably.

Big smiles hide lies. It will be fun to see what hidden truths are uncovered.

Loverly chapter.
This continues to be a great adventure.
Its gonna be interesting to see how these twos close friendship evolves into a closer relationship.

Hmmm... something's off with these perytons... :trixieshiftright:

I see and thank you for the reply! I am really-really interested about the story, especially about the two pegasus and the adventure.
And sorry for my miss-understoodment and worry about the story, but in the past I found/read some stories, which had the romantic tag, but it was more likely a friendship story without any romantic feelings, dates or other romance things. It's like they advert a action movie with epic actions etc.. but in the end it was more likely a comedy movie then a action movie. I hope you know what I mean.
Keep up the great work! :)

Oh man, just reading this, the language, the voices, it brings me back to the best adventure fics of the early fandom. Within and Without, of course, but also It's a Dangerous Business and Off the Edge of the Map. I'm really getting that vibe.

Glad to see you back, Cloudy. Within and Without remains a foundational story for me.

Excellent fic. Hope to see more soon.:yay:

I've been looking forward to this story since you began telling us about it so many moons ago and finally got a chance to begin reading it.

Nice little opening chapter.
I’m glad that the story started with dialogue instead of description. Makes it easier for the reader to jump right in.
Good job setting the tone for a promised adventure and illuminating the important relationship.

It would have been nice to see more of a hook at the end of the opening chapter though.

Words in response to doubt, like wings would spread in the wind.

What? This flew over my head.

Took the words from my mouth on the city-state stuff. Good to see I'm not alone there.

I don't feel comfortable replying to/commenting on speculation and comments on the events of the story because spoilers and such, since all of it is already written, but thank you to everyone who's reading.

8397282 Trust me, I understand. Everyone uses tags differently. Hopefully you have the answers you seek!

8399004 Jeez. You pretty much know how to do tailor-made praise. You might remember how much Off the Edge did for me, and how attached I am to W&W/O, hah. To know that someone who's been around a while gets the vibes that I'm perpetually toying with/trying to get at and recapture (though this one is plenty distinct) is like you're reading my diary and then stroking my coat.

Which is to say: Thank you so much, and I really hope you enjoy this one. It's certainly lovely to know you're reading it!

8400629 Every Tuesday and Saturday until it's done, no ifs or maybes, this'll be completely regular!

8402052 Glad to hear of it if it's not disappointing you yet, at least! As to the quoted part: "Words" refers to what Dash said, she replies with assuaging words reflexively, just like her wings spreading in the wind is a reflex, too. I hope that makes sense!

Awesome that we got a tease of Flutterdash at the festival. Now I hope that Rarity asks them more about it (if there's something building between them that she needs to know about) on the road when they have a moment. I really liked your descriptions the whole way through here. The characters are feeling lively and the atmosphere is great. I really could see a vibrant affair going down and it made for an enjoyable read. It's not every day I get the pleasure of reading such high-quality fan fiction such as this. If you keep it up, this is guaranteed to go on my top Flutterdash fan fictions of all time.

The plot thickens.

Well. These perytons sure are adventurous. I wonder whether they had correctly ascertained the genders of the ponies before trying to proposition them, or if it even mattered to them. I can see them mistaking Dash for male, what with her exceptionally colorful mane...

Can't say I like the FlutterDash, but it's hardly your fault that it's one of my least favorite ships. I don't plan to let it get between me and what promises to be an excellent and delightful exploration of a new world.

Looking forward to these promised semi-weekly updates!

(In case you were not aware, Fimfiction has in the past failed to notify people of comment replies if they were not made in the same chapter as each other. I don't know if that's changed at all.)

8404389 Thanks! Have another one!

8404859 I won't comment too much on the events themselves, but hey, I'm very glad the atmosphere works for you. Trying to bring new settings to life is a great deal of fun, and quite a challenge.

8405087 Now, don't you wear that phrase out, y'hear! (I do enjoy reading peoples' thoughts entirely too much - even if I try not to reply to theories).

8405336 I was, in fact, not aware of any bugs with the comment system, hmh. Thanks for letting me know! I'm trying to keep comment replies a little lighter than usual for fear of inadvertent spoilers and such, but I'm saddened to hear that some words may be lost or missed this way. Appreciate the heads-up, and hey, if the story is still interesting to someone who's wrong not a fan of its core ship, I'll take your readership as high praise indeed!

Rainbow feels, acts, and thinks in that order. I'm enjoying this so far and want all the ships.

I'm really enjoying the world building going on here, looking forward to seeing where it all goes.

Good to see Rarity looking out for Fluttershy, even if Rainbow Dash refuses to acknowledge she's in a relationship.

For instance, this comment I did not get a notification for, since it was made on chapter 4 while mine was on chapter 3.

Until the next installment I shall continue to wonder if that shelter just happened to be one day journey away. I shall also take note of Rainbow Dash's dream retention ability which may be different than the norm.

Denial from Dash? Does that mean she isnt feeling anything for Fluttershy (yet)? Or that she's refusing to see whats developing.
It was funny seeing Dash and Rarity's minds sit on two different tracks while they talked though. I love reading that kind of thing.

Overall great chapter, I look forward to Rarity asking Dash why she denied it later when she sees them actually get together. I also hope that we can have a funny moment where Fluttershy wonders whats up between Dash and Rarity acting a little awkward.

8411134 Urg. Well, it's nice to have it confirmed at least. That makes replying a lot more difficult since I like doing bulk replies so as to not clutter my own comments section. Really glad to know for sure now.

even if Rainbow Dash refuses to acknowledge she's in a relationship.

Let's be honest, to the avid shipper, every moment of canon is like this as-is!

8411357 And I note your notes, whilst saying nothing, of course!

8411604 Without saying too much on the other points, to your comment about talking: Writing dialogues that aren't neat and completely straightforward are the most fun to me, and Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are a gold mine for that.

8410673 Appreciate it, and hope you enjoy it going forward! People who enjoy worldbuilding in particular will hopefully find a lot to like.

8410344 All the ships? Let's not get greedy!

(Get greedy. I will inevitably write the six-way ship fic).

((Also, yes. This is the Rainbow Dash we know and love.))

Absolutely. They play naturally off each other in a lot of great ways.

Let the FlutterDash happen, Rainbow! Nice chapter.


I'm curious as to where the story is going with these Aspects. The sculpture they spent the night under represented one of them, presumably, and that makes me wonder whether that really was Luna in Dash's dream. That whole scene had a sense of hazy strangeness to it, which may be due to having been, y'know, a dream, but... I dunno. Dash remembering it when Luna said she wouldn't is clearly significant, anyway.

crazy creature of wind and sound

Such a fitting description for RD.:rainbowlaugh:

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