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Fluttershy watched her grow, she watched her learn, she watched her chase her dreams and eventually watched her catch them. Now Rainbow has everything she ever dreamed of, everything could ever want out of her life.

However watching Rainbow achieve her goals has left Fluttershy in want, desperately needing something that she isn't even sure that her old friend even has to offer, love.

For years the two had gone their separate ways, however the chance to see her old friend again means Fluttershy has one more chance to speak from her heart. Will it make a difference though?

Inspired by the artwork of AlanD-nyan

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Comments ( 8 )

Even though I'm not much into flutterdash these days, this was super sweet! :3

Though Rainbow never actually said how she felt... jeez lol then again for her, actions speak louder than words.

Cute oneshot though :rainbowkiss:


It's not a common thing for me to find a story that's worthy of my tastes of style or genre, but when I read this, it captured all the areas that have peaked an interest in me.

I'm a fan of FlutterDash (or DashShy) and I'm always one for the sweet and cutesy-wootsy emotion train rumbling through the station. Now, I did notice one or two minor errors in your writing, but I'm not bothered by them all too much, but you may want to check in on them.

As a whole and as it sits at the moment, I like what I see! The plot was very believable and the characters were all there, sticking to their original formatting as in the real show, but I personally view Dash and Fluttershy as a pair of sisters. However, I suppose their interaction in the show could indicate a relationship both with romantic intentions and basic sisterly intentions.

I'd say that this was played out, written and structured well, and that it's most deserving of the time to read and also a like! You've earned that much and a favourite from me!

Idk why this made me cry, probably wasn't meant to be sad and it was probably just me. But great fix I loved it. A lot. Too much. XD thanks for writing this!

Great story.
Very nice internalising from Fluttershy. Really gave a great insight into her feelings there.
Cute Flutterdash.

Oh wow, thanks.

I've actually never written for this ship before, this was my first time in doing so. Glad you enjoyed it, I didn't expect this to get this kind of praise actually.

I guess I didn't set out to make it sad, but Fluttershy's predicament I suppose could make one sad? Glad you enjoyed it though!

Thank you!

I was able to visualize this in my head when reading it, and I really enjoyed it. It reminded me of this: i.imgur.com/kswn6b4.png from how Fluttershy was attempting to cover up her face with her mane. Good stuff, I think about it throughout my day a lot.

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