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Magic works in strange ways, and seems to manifest in every pony differently. It's always about how one uses their gifts that magic has given them that matters. Sweetie Belle has learned one thing for certain in the past few years, and that is some gifts can quickly turn into a curse.

Featured on Equestria Daily: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/11/story-like-me.html

Update 2/27/12: Fixed a flaw related to the "Sweetie only tried once", complaint. It now explains she attempted a few times.
Also minor grammatical errors.

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Comments ( 23 )

A lot more grim that I usually read; a very moving tale.

What happened here? Chapter is suddenly marked unread, all comments gone, huh?

Wasnt there another chapter after this one?

To everyone commenting my account was stolen and the person deleted my stories. The ratings and stats were restored but the stories themselves needed to be reuploaded in some cases. This is just a reupload.

*reaches the end of the chapter and flips the table*


Good story. You should consider writing/uploading another chapter if you're willing.
My original youtube account got deleted a while ago (still annoyed about that), and I have to reread this when I get the chance. My original read was absolutely horrendous lol.

631820 There is another story to this coming as soon as I finish it. It's already "written" it just needs editing and revisions now.

Ah, this one! I read it a while back and lost track of it. Glad I found it again.

Interesting story. Feels like one of those that could actually do great as a non-pony fic, though. While it would require more setting of characters...

This is a well done fic. I can't say I liked reading it...but it's certainly a...well, something. Emotionally moving. (Honestly, though...I'd be tempted if I was her to say it anyway..)

Nice story.
A depressing plot, but i like these kinda stories. <3
Very well written.

The end just made me want to hug something. :pinkiehappy:
DAMN you and your open ending.

Totally awesome!:pinkiehappy: And i'm going to read Bad Habits...... Tomorrow :rainbowlaugh: also the end made me squee in joy.

Great story. I'm glad she didn't kill her self. If she did I would of been so depress. The Whole reason I came here was to see anything new for A New Equestria but I took a quick look at your other stories and this caught my interest. Nice Job.:pinkiehappy:

I like this story. Conceptually it's a home run, mechanically it's certainly solid. Though my problem is with the characters; it feels like an outside story with ponies thrown into the mix. Our history with the characters just makes it less necessary to introduce and define them.

And I have to say I was getting pretty annoyed with Sweetie Belle throughout the story. I just couldn't come to truly believe her stubbornness on the matter and complete inability to tell someone before deciding to kill herself.

Liked the ending, it fit. Not happy, but somewhat comforting.

Solid little read.

2552218 It comes to make more sense in the sequels. The issue I had while writing was that I created a BIG story that couldn't be fleshed out in one story, so I broke it into 3 that kind of detail the rest of the issues. Plus you have to consider this has a deal of time passed from the series. Things have changed significantly. We're talking almost 3 years later.

Looks like I haven't fave'd this and "Bad Habit" yet. Let's fix that, shall we?

You see, anytime I look at any pony I can when and how they’re going to die.

It seems you are missing a verb.

This is just...wow....CONTINUE. PLEASE, I'M BEGGING YOU!!!!!

2894903 There are two sequels.

GAAAAAAHHHH CLIFFHANGARS!!!!!! all in all i loved this story :pinkiehappy:

3474779 There's 3 sequels.

It almost seems like she has a death note.

4873087 No death notes, however her power may finally be explained more in the sixth story.

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