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It's a wonderful world, a world of happiness, laughter and just pure joy. It's so fantastic, yet Pinkie Pie is always struggling with that feeling in the back of her mind that the world is somehow not as it seems. That sinking feeling she always has inside that makes her wish she could understand what is bothering her. Ever since the construction of Mane City over former Ponyville, ponies seem content with the life presented to them.

Happiness is everything; thus why the Authority Bureau ensures that nopony disturbs that happiness. Still though... Is this world as wonderful as Twilight and Celestia make it sound?

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Comments ( 10 )

Oh my gosh this is so trippy! What die sit mean? What is life? How do igo home from here?

damn that was a good story... :pinkiesmile:

O_O And i thought five nights at freddy's gave ya sense of paranoia and dread but damn.

Boy, that was creepy...

Still, a decent story nevertheless.

I think Pinkie of the past should write on the next business card "Kill Twlight" so the future Pinkie will instinctly kill her the next time they meet.

5098129 I suppose past Pinkie had already had the conversation with Twilight before. It's very possible that the two have had similar exchanges many times in the past. Who knows?

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