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I am a person that physically exists. That much I assure you! -Creator of ShadowsVerse-


She's clever, musically gifted, and the most talented DJ in all of Equestria. She's Vinyl Scratch and she had it all, anything and everything she's ever wanted. That may be just the problem though: life is boring. With a constant desire for excitement Vinyl finds herself no longer amused with her day-to-day life. That all changes however when she meets a mysterious creature.

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You combined the chapters. Why?

I see nothing new... :rainbowhuh:

Hey look, great material being ignored... Surprising.
I liked it, and there is not much to say about it other than pointless bitching over the lack of description of the club night and Vinyl's mural. Keep it up I suppose.

482122 I am going to continue this.

482554 He says and doesn't update it for 240+ weeks. Argue all you want but really its been 4 years soon 5 so yeah... it's dead. End of story, but I'm just saying.


7813812 It will happen, I just haven't gotten around to it, life has been hectic for the past few years and a lot of stories got pushed onto the back burner. I have a second and even a third chapter written up, but I haven't edited them is all. Maybe around the holidays I can take a peek at them and decide if I want to continue the story or not.

I'd say it's 50/50.

I apologize for not getting around to it. In the past 4 years a lot happened in my life:

My father died, my family had to move, I had to move out, get married, find a new job like 4 times, move to another country (I reside in Germany now) and settle down in a new home. I'll get to it though! I know a lot of people wanted to know about what happens next, so I intend to continue when I get a chance! Thank you for reminding me about this though! I actually really appreciate it!

7814413 Oh, okay. I like to know what happens next so looking forward to it.

Oh yeah no problem.:raritywink:

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