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This 1000 word story explores the origin of the three races of pony and the events surrounding a war that nearly destroyed Equestria. Some mild gore.

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Very poetic, well done sir. I do enjoy a clean cut, flawless story every now and then. :ajsmug:

That was really nicely done! Interesting side story to the races

The earth ponies got fucked over pretty badly...

This was really awesome! Gotta appreciate a beautiful, bite-size bit of literature now and again :twilightsmile:

Interesting, even if it didn't stuck with the cannon.

Well written and really well thought out.

So the Earth Ponies are lazy in a way. Hummm.....
This was really interesting. I like it a lot! :twilightsmile:

Congratulations from Princess Luna's personal spokespony! :coolphoto:

I am literal blown away with how well this story flowed, hum... I need to take a mental note of looking this over when I need to renew some of my inspiration and recharge so to speak. Please continue to write as I will continue to read your work. You have my respect and admiration sir. :ajsmug:

This is really well written. I commend you.:twilightsmile:


No sir. you have made mine Thank you.:twilightsmile:


MLP canon is so contradictory and poorly thought out, mostly from having several different writers that hardly ever communicate, granted...

But saying MLP has any kind of sound canon to stand on is like saying that the bible is word for word how to be a good Christian.

This is not what I wanted to underline, but I'm shy-natured and have the tendency to save my words, so it's probably my fault here to not have more developed my comment.


Duly noted and fair enough. :moustache:

Wow, that ending kinda threw me off guard a little bit. Clever, kind of reminds me of the Mormon explanation for the three races of earth.

Also, congratulations, this story has good enough grammar to be included in the Good Grammar Directory, a comprehensive list of gramatically-correct stories on Fimfiction. :eeyup:

2808474 Thanks, it was actually intended to be a biblical reference, but I forgot what I was trying to link it too. :rainbowderp:


headcanon accepted.

A pretty good story, but I can't help but not like how the earth ponies are basically called "lazy." I DO like how it melded in with the hard work ponies pull off, but I think calling them all "lazy," even the eldest, was a bit harsh. What if families didn't want their kin to get hurt or something? Would that make them lazy? I don't know. I'm still mulling over that part. I just think "lazy" was a bit too much, albeit where it leads up making up for it. Like I said, though, still trying to make an absolute opinion of it.

Either way, I really liked it! I like the creation of the types of ponies, so it's very creative. Good job!

I liked it

A great explanation to how those filthy mudponies came about

2908669 Well, when I wrote this I wanted to keep in mind the differences between literature now and literature 2000 years ago. Sure, nowadays people need more explanation, especially considering the varying range of morals. But back then, people's morals were still being shaped, so they weren't as lenient with punishments and who deserves what blame. Guilt by association was a theme I kept in my head while writing this.

2908766 That's a good point. Thanks for the perspective. Now considering that, I can see the reason behind it. :twilightsmile:

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