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It's been said before that robots dream of electronic sheep, of course this is assuming that robots, indeed, dream at all. What if robots don't dream? What if sleeping for them is just a blank expanse? The real question is what do robots do in those precious seconds between the blackness of powerlessness and the slow plodding along of living interactions. What will Sweetie Bot think about during today's reboot?

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I must remind myself:
Just because you feel upset, does not mean you have to yell.

I like it, it's an unusual story and I like unusual stories. Looking forward to more from you :twilightsmile:


2654091 Seen "I" yet? I consider it much stranger than this one :rainbowwild:

Yay, a Sweetiebot story! Very introspective, bittersweet even. :unsuresweetie:

Thanks for the story! It was really good!

Sweetie Bot not having imagination or creative abilities is a solid concept. At first, I was thinking that maybe if she used her emotional input to dynamically create data, she could then use that new data to project different scenarios resulting in something similar to imagination. But that wouldn't be imagination or a creative ability as it should happen without sensory input. So, yeah, Sweetie Bot doesn't have imagination.

Something else I noticed:

Take your count for letters, multiply it by eight, add for all the punctuation, and then you will have the exact scale of how many individual entries I have to make in order to give you this document. 8,603 letters, meaning 68,824 entries in total as of the end of the last sentence.

You mentioned punctuation rolling up into the count of letters (unless it is added in after the multiplication) but I'm not sure if you consider spacing as punctuation. Spacing has its own binary value e.g. 00100000 is the binary equivalent of decimal 32 (Space). Also, there are decimal values for two kinds of spaces - soft/hard. Don't even get me started on line feeds and carriage returns. I used to do binary/decimal conversions in C++ with guidance from ASCII charts. So, the algorithm wouldn't simply be letters * 8; it would be (letters + punct./spacing/line feeds/carriage returns/etc.) * 8. The keyword CHAR in programming stands for character types which can be numeric values, letters, or any special character input. So, replacing the count of letters with the count of characters the algorithm would be characters * 8.

Sorry, I'm not sure if you wanted to know any of that. It is just that I like to share. :unsuresweetie: I'm probably coming across as a pompous...fool. :rainbowlaugh:


2655009 I will admit to only having a very small amount of computing knowledge, but that number did count the spaces and every bit of punctuation. That was one of the biggest challenges I faced while writing this story, not really knowing much about how computers work. I like to think I did an okay job alluding to the things I didn't know so that people who did would assume the answer and people who didn't could gloss over it without losing story, but all in all the process made my head spin :pinkiesick:
But hey, I did my best and this is what I get, and I'm okay with it. I won't try to defend my mistakes because I know I have them, but I try. Don't honestly think I'll do anything like this again though. All the same, I am absolutely psyched you liked it. :pinkiehappy:

2655047 I think you did a fantastic job considering Sweetie Bot and her(it?) boot sequence's progression, the imagination concept, and fundamentally understanding binary conversion. Besides, the technology industry never says mistakes were made but that bugs were found. :twilightsmile:

At least, Sweetie Bot didn't face every robot's greatest fear:

Keen, but I has questions:

1: Do her friends and/or family know Sweetie Belle is a robot?
2: Has she really made her peace with not having an imagination, or is it really eating her up inside like how AM was driven to madness by his awareness of his inability to think of things in a manner that doesn't involve destruction and pain and suffering and death?
3: Given that she apparently came up with the ditty in Show Stoppers on her own, is she really unable to create, or does she have an imagination after all and whatever robot logic she operates on led her to conclude she doesn't?


2683135 You, my friend, seem to have a slight inaptitude for divergent thinking. I leave the ends of my stories questionable for a reason you know :derpytongue2:

...it’s just that I can process a hundred thousand answers to any question in a nanosecond...

Wow, that's unbelievably fast! As far, as I know, modern computers take significant time to process anything big. Matter of minutes at best!.. Alright, seconds... Still far longer, than a nanosecond -- which is one milliardth of a second.

Every letter I produce is the result of a string of binary code, ones and zeroes. A single letter, or even a punctuation, consists of an eight number combination of the two numbers.

Is that to mean, her symbols are encoded with eight bits?

Does she really take time to write one single bit as to encode one symbol :rainbowhuh:?.. Why not write 8 bits simultaneously? Or even 64? At once?

Oh, wait... she has a slow Internet connection :rainbowlaugh:.

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