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The author formerly known as Comet Chaser, still writing, still awesome. For further inquiries, well, good luck... I'm bad at getting around to things.


This is a story I've been piecing together in my head and tossing around with a lot of potential storylines. I've finally settled on this one and I believe it's everything i was hoping for. Anyway, what happens is the secondary six meet up and go on a variety of adventures I make up on my own. I fully intend to spin off a lot of the songs from the actual show so i void any rights of my own to that. Word of warning also, this is not a main story to me at all. This is one I'm working on that takes place in the same timeline as Light and Shadow, just much earlier on, and I'm only going to be working on it at all after I'm sure the weekly update for Light and Shadow is ready. Also, this story will have a definitive ending point right around chapter 20, and there will be no real story ark.
All the bad stuff aside I like to think that I've taken a really nice common idea and given it a great revamping. So read on!

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Please, please, please indent your new paragraphs. This sounds like it could be fun, Just make it easier for the rest of us to read :)

as a friend of mine (i believe he called himself john smith), would say, brilliant and Geronimo!!!

You can read my stories for ideas:eeyup:

Comment posted by oop deleted Mar 31st, 2013

2339892 Thanks for the tip, done just as you requested

haha Allons-y! Gosh i miss that so much ya know?:fluttercry:

Allons-y, one of the best fics I've read in a while. Good job:moustache:


2456830 Gosh... I was honestly not very proud of this one :rainbowderp: Have you taken a look at Light and Shadow...?

2467778 No, I'll have to take a look, sounds interesting :coolphoto: Anyway's yes I do think this is a really good take on the "background mane 6" as I like to call them. I love everything about this story and can't wait for the next update:pinkiehappy:
I will leave you with a moustache:moustache:

Good fanfic! Please post more! :raritystarry:

Comment posted by oop deleted May 19th, 2013

HOORAY!!! YOU HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN ABOUT US!!! Also, I can already see a trollfic coming starting next chapter.


I take offense at that... I'm trying... and I don't write trollfics...
Is this really your opinion of me...? :fluttercry:

HURRY UP BROSKI! YOU'RE BEING UNFAIR BY MAKING US WAIT!!!!:raritycry::raritydespair::raritycry::raritydespair:

There there, I'm sorry... I utterly apologize for suggesting that you wouldd do such a thing. :pinkiesad2:

Vinyl! Vinyl, no, bad unicorn! That is NOT the moral of this week's episode! :rainbowlaugh:

Well, Comet, it's official. Allons-y has more views than L&S. :pinkiesmile: So... Thoughts on this startling revelation?

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was i the only one that noticed the song was the extended version of the title song?:rainbowhuh:

About bloody time. I thought you had abandoned us.

i had honestly forgotten about this story till it updated

Dat TARDIS for the win. Only thing that confused me was why did the door change? It never does that in the show.

And Bonbon has the TARDIS in her closet now? Shenanigins will ensue...

This is amazing. One the best I've read in a long time

3266094 Maybe the chameleon circuit got fixed?

saying goodbye to the TARDIS. It reminds me of Doomsday...my feels can't be contained!!

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Please, please, please, please UPDATE! This is so so so good! And the writing and plot style is so unique and I really love it! Please be quick and update it!

THiS Is GreaT, can’t wait for an update!

Heh, just realized the last update

So... that's a no on the updates?

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