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Basically, this group is free for any authors who are just starting out on fimfiction to post their stories, any kind of story.
It can be adventure, tragedy, horror. Heaven forbid, I'll even allow clopfictions. Just so long as you feel you're a rookie and want to get noticed more. Of course, I can't guarantee this group will get you more fame, but hey, other rookie authors could see your stories. What's the worst that could happen? *table explodes behind me* Ignore that.
Note: If I may happen to find your story and you pass my definition of a rookie, there's a good chance I'll send you a comment inviting you to post here. Of course, you don't have to accept. Do what you feel is right.
2nd Note: If any of you feel you've found a "rookie" author who deserves to get more noticed, feel free to send them an invite yourself. I don't want to be the only one recruiting members. Truth is I probably overlook a lot of people...

Dang this description is long...

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We all know why we're here. I'm just starting out and need to get my name out there any way I can. Sorry for the shameless plug.

Since I've noticed a depressing lack of Flitter & Cloudchaser fics, I've decided to put my own hat in the ring. It's called A Different Kind Of Treasure, which is about F, CC, and an OC treasure hunting for gold. glory, and fame. All the while, an ominous force from the sister's past works to unite an ancient magic and reawaken evil. Will they succeed in preventing total annihilation? What will they discover about the world and each other along the way? Read along to find out!

TA Different Kind of Treasure
What's the most valuable treasure in the world: Family? Money? Revenge? Love? Depends on who you ask...
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Hello everyone. My name is Popcorn Pony and I have been on FIM for awhile, but I don't write very often and I think a lot of the stuff I post doesn't track well in the search engine for some reason, I dunno why. I try really hard to write good content, but I really struggle with reaching people. I haven't spent a lot of time in groups either so I'm branching out to say hi!

I am currently working on a novel which involves both paranormal and some romance elements. I have some short stories in the works. I mostly write teen rated horror, thriller, mystery content, but I write other light hearted stuff for fun and humor. I like to scare and inspire so check me out if your interested.

So what constitutes a rookie for the sake of this group?

Guess I'd better get ready to fork over some cash for these idiots I had to hire to "repair" my computer (claim something vital needs to be replaced at an exorbitant fee).

Probably a good investment. And maybe get into the habit of backing up everything you do on a flash drive or several. My own Dells owned in the past were built like tanks and were beasts in their work but...when they do fail? Ouch:applecry:. Both the lost content and dealing with self-contradicting IT tends to be massive headaches that can last for months:facehoof:.

My PC broke about a week ago and I'm thinking of getting a laptop so I can keep writing.

As a fellow procrastinator/writer's-block-victim, congratulations and here's hoping your future chapters come with more speed and less stress:twilightsmile:.


What exactly constitutes as a rookie? I have a few stories out, but I wouldn't consider them popular in comparison to a lot of the stuff I find on this site.

Just curious is all, that and I'm always glad to see new comments and notifications!

Hello there. I am new here and i just want some feedback on my story i wrote yesterday. I don't know is it worth publishing it here or not. I am jut afraid that people would not take interest in it or just spit on me their hateful comments. The story is here:
I doubt that anyone would read it anyway but it's worth a try.

Comment posted by Ultimus Pendragon deleted Jun 2nd, 2015

I've been here for over a year now, but I don't think I'm not being all that noticed. Hope y'all have luck! I'll be looking at authors through this group to see who needs some Silver love

I introduce myself to this site under the penname ColossalGX.

As you may or may not have known, I have made my own account to post my fanfic on this sight like everyone else. The problem I seem to have is that it's been receiving negative feedback and no one seemed to want to comment at all. I still want to post this story so I'm looking for help on how to make it likable for readers. If you happen to like reading something related to this story, which is an alternate story of the series, please feel free to post on this blog. I would like some advice or to know what exactly I've been doing wrong...

389112 Just... for the love of the great powers of Gaia, don't point me in the direction of clop.

Is this place... for green horns? I kinda went bare-boned my first ten chapters in my story, lost internet connection for a good amount of time, hence the loop in between chapter nine and ten. You guys don't have to check it out, but I would like to check everyone elses out... if... that's okay... :twilightsheepish:

I ruined the "666" members:trollestia:

Hello Everypony! Someone added my first MLP fic to the group, and I thought I ought to join, too! I'm not a rookie writer, in general. In fact, I'm a writing major in college.:pinkiecrazy: But I am a rookie when it comes to fanfiction. I can't wait to read the other stories the writers in this group have to offer. If anyone is interested, I am going to shamlessly promote my story: Watching the World Burn

Might I recommend that you separate the fics into genres. That way we don't just have a menagerie of random stories where sad fics have to rub elbows with the slightly sticky ones of clop fics. It would just make navigation more enjoyable and streamlined.

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