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I agree with 1800 on this...Silver, you might know that I do consider you a friend but if you didn't then I do. I am worried you might be...well dead, and we all hope thats not true. I'm sorry if I sound like a bit of jerk but we just hope your alright...stay frosty~ Teeibeepo

Hey dude, Im actually worried about you It's been nearly half a year since anyone has heard from you.....since I am only a friend on the internet and I knew you well enough to actually call you a friend I am truly worried, your email is gone all of your accounts inactive and im beginning to assume that you might be......dead...I really hope this isn't so, I wish I had of known you in person so I would know. But I hope you are still alive and breathing please send me a message if you are alive because i fear the worst.
....Stay frosty Silver..:fluttercry:

Yo CloudDrifter....you alright? We miss you man, at-least come and say hi

Hey silver, were missin ya back at team hq :3 please drop by and say you are still alive:pinkiehappy: cast me and bo miss ya

  • Viewing 26 - 30 of 30
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