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Please go to the vote thread to vote on content related to the main story. Read whats in there and vote for what you want and if you'd like to add on idea to be voted on please post it there. Read my first post there before you post an idea, if its for your part you don't need permission to use it ^_^

Thanks everyone

This is a group made for writers, by writers who like to work as a team to write wonderful stories.

This is the place to chat, post ideas, artworks, and where the voting will take place.

All crew members are free to use this as the please, try to keep posts on topic as much as possible.

We will work on stories together, get help from one another, move to the same goals, the same deadline and have fun while doing it.

The method of use in the group will follow a writing chain system, everyone will join in chats to create a world, and who will be in it. Then one person will start the story, then hand it off to the next after their part is finished, keep going through every writer in the project and edit them together to make one really good story written by as many people as the project has.

Need help with your part of the story? Get it, need help writing? get it! Writers for writers, friends helping friends.

Through this we can make beautiful, and unique stories faster and with a lot more flavor.

There's harmony in Ponyvile why not in pony writing?

Join the group and start enjoying to best parts of writing, writing with friends.

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Hey guys, just threw a story at you. :D Its a sequel, do you think its style is accurate?

284284 only thing thats really changed is prince and eclipse, no birthday celebration for a new born prince, but its something that had to be changed sadly I liked the idea lol

284277 how much of what? lol

281975 how much of this has been changed?

282268 Objection!
The Witnesses' statement obviously contradicts with the evidence
Judge:How so?
Phoenix: I't doesent does it....(Ive been playing recently)

Also http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUDfoZGhLjE
(PW:AA mlp :D)

Hi Rainboom_Saturation welcome to the Writers in Harmony, I hope you enjoy our stay, and if you have any questions at all please let me or any of the team know ok?

Hi there Jigoku Luna welcome to the team, I'm the chief director, if you have any questions or need help in any way please ask, we are all a great group and are very happy to have a new member in our herd ^_^

Again Welcome aboard ^_^

282901 Thanks! I'm excited to be here and be able to help out. I'll check out the update now.

For those who don't know me, hello there! I'm not too much a story teller as I am an artist. I draw a lot of concept art (mostly for my own story) but I also draw some other stuff as well. I'm really excited to be able to help work on this and I'll do my part the best I can. :pinkiehappy:

welcome to the team Mr. Bojangles ^_^, we have gotten a lot done this week so please check out the weekly update to see whats going on and if you have questions please ask we are here to help you!

282765 hey there well so far we just got into creating the prolog and most of the first episode, and if you'd like to join us in the morning we are holding the weekend meeting right after the pony episode on the hub I know this on is a two parter so took that into account, it would be 11 am Pacific time. I will be posting a recap of the events of the first meeting today I just need to post it.

sorry you where not able to come to the first one but thats why I made two so everyone would atleast have a shot at getting to one of them, if you still can't make it don't worry, I will post everything we talked about here.

282207 Care to fill me in on anything new? I wasn't able to make it to any of the meetings, and I'm wondering what's going on.

282230 HOLD IT! (Phoenix Write quote) thats understandable, weel be waiting:pinkiecrazy:

Sorry guys I have to drop out. I am sending this from my high school's library but my usual computer is out for awhile. I dont know when I will have a functioning computer again so I dont want to commit to something I wont be able to do. Sorry again maybe next time or if my computer situation is resolved.:fluttershysad:

I agree 100% it adds more to the stuggle, nightmare moon does not want to share and luna does not want to be evil so a first conflict taking place would make a world of sense, afterall two super villians dont like to share the throne. I dont intend to take all the happy fun for myself in writing team villian, its gonna be great but we do need a good team for this to work. this does not mean you would be excluded from team hero by helping team awsome ur i mean villian. Any ideas, writing roles, art, heck inspirational art would help the team!!! I cannot tell you how many times looking at creepy pics inspired an amazing work of madness.

The pact afterwards I like which could leave a sort of touch and go relationship referance for the reader to pick up on.

also after thinking on it, I think a neat idea is that when discord escaped (return of harmony eps) the reason why luna was nowhere to be seen could be like a tragic romance standpoint. He understands her and further curropts her, making her believe she will always be just a shadow compared to celestia and nightmare night confirms her suspicions. Im still trying to find a good point to where Eclipse comes in, it should be around the same time frame as celestias son.

Join the darkside we have cookies..and vodka!! for thoose underage we also have cokes:scootangel:

282196 Hey now don't be mad remember this is a group project, Mareinthemoon is an expert at evil writing and is why I invited her to lead the team in that respect, you are still allow to writer Discord she is just there to make him and Nightmare the unstoppable evil force they need to be. Your ideas are really good and I will not stop you from using them, I'm sure Mareinthemoon would agree that having a fight between Nightmare and Discord at the beginning and the agreement to rule together a pact as it were is a great idea.

And every pony as far as OC's go we can have as many as we need, but let me rephrase a bit what I meant.

We need to have the main cast there and tell the story, adding in your oc in parts is a great way to add another level to the story seeing stuff from different angles that we don't normally get from the show. We just can't add to many or the story will never end. If everyone wants to add in an OC for their episode im for that, and write them in how ever you think they will benefit the story, we need to view oc's as sub characters and not mains we can't have a story told by 20 different pony's in every episode it will be so confusing no one will get whats really going on. Now im all for adding a few oc's as main characters, we do need to fill a few more spots for the new elements of harmony, but anything over 3 for every pony to write will end in disaster I promise you.

We have a lot of good guys and a few bad guys, im for adding in a few more bad guys, some generals or common pony's in Nightmare's army and as I said we do need a few more for the new elements of harmony so there is that to but beyond that it will simply become to complex or chaotic.

282042 wait does that mean, if I was on this story as oc i would be Crystal ;cause i dont wanna be the only mare (p.s if you would like me to ruin part of my fiction lemme know cause i really gotta tell someone THE P.S MEANS EVERYPONY:raritywink:):moustache:

282044 Cast, along with Discord i am planning to make him 'act' like normal ridiculous Discord but slowly make him get more 'revengy', i would like to also make Nightmare moon and Discord but, since he is discord and all he goes too far, thus nightmare moon and discord fight, Discord Fight's also but since Luna had her sister to help with discord previous fight she is having alot more trouble, she beats him to a limit where there both weak, they come to an agreement to rule together; whaddya think :pinkiesmile: . And hey i thought i was writing discord :twilightangry2:

I actually wrote the heir as a Luna discord child and I would be happy to handle team villian

Ok I think we are on the right track here, a lot of great ideas and thoughts, from this I think we can get a beautiful and good story, it seems like it could be a running series with all the ideas we have come up with and others to come.

One thing I was hoping to get in the story is a kind of love story between Soran and Rainbow, Soran is the last Wonderbolt to survive Nightmare Moon's attack on Canterlot, his and Rainbows dream is to rebuild the Wonderbolts for Spitfire a pony he loved, he fights with the main 6 and begins to feel for Rainbow as she does him. They would fight side by side like their own unit and become close friends. When the elements of harmony are revived and the pony's are freed from their stone tomes Spitfire to will be free, what will he do loving both of them, Rainbow for all they have been through, or Spitfire the one he did all this for.

Just another idea lol

We really do need a few more editors to help keep things on track and well looking good, I will add you to the editors list if you are willing. And don't worry you will not have to do everything I'm building an editing team to, will be assigning an editor to 2 writers, to not overwhelm the editors and give the writers some back up.

I really have been looking for a person that could spear head the evil side of the war, from Luna to Discord and her forces, I would love to give you this job if your up to it. Basically you would write the perspective of both Luna and Discord. I'm pretty good with drama stories but I fall short when it comes to bad guy characters. I always seem to dumb them down or make them to 2 dimensional. When it comes to Luna I really want the reader to get the struggle and hit a few emotional keys. I want her to be a classic bad guy where she is doing something evil and her inner voice is fighting against her to the point of losing control at moments. Voice in the head kind of thing.

About a continuing antagonist I did plan to have the Prince be the question at the end, yes he is good, he is being geared to take over when he's ready, and is a bearer of Harmony. But he also absorbs Luna's powers, is Nightmare connected to her power or Luna's physical body? Not sure if its an idea worth adding just been thinking about that to. We could hit at the last like page or Twilight's remembering of Luna and the similarities they share, and of course the fact that Luna is now a part of the Prince.

I also like the idea of an heir to Discord, maybe Discord and Nightmare could have a child the heir to their future kingdom? Sounds a little odd to but hey, just trying to figure out where the heir would come from, other then that I love the idea to.

I really do like the idea of the dragon race, they are present in Equestria after all, and not much has been done with them. After all a war will effect them as much as an pony.

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