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37149 wait, your known for being harsh?! But you enjoyed my fan fic...

holy shit, I finally looked at your page and I cant believe you wern't kidding, my fic is on your top favourites!

I assume you cant wait for the sequel?

EDIT: Oh, and I'm adding Discord *cue nerdgasm*


I want the fanfic on here I wrote critiqued. Particularly my skills on characterization and ambience (mood setting, descriptions, emotional conveyance, etc).
Links below.

FimFic: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/25534/The-Refugee
DA (Critique Built In!): http://hazencruz.deviantart.com/art/The-Refugee-Chapter-1-Where-I-End-and-You-Begin-294879383

So far there are two chapters. If you only read one, please be sure to let me know which one it was. (I understand they are a bit long.)

38232 Sure. Just tell me what you want critiqued. Send me a link if possible.


I am asking for one, if you'd be willing to spare the time. If not, I do understand.

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