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Teenage Brony from Australia, willing to try his hand at fan fiction. Likes video games, reading, MLP (obviously), Doctor Who, milk, looking at funny internet videos, and finding loopholes in logic.

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569079 No problem. Keep writing awesome stories!

Can't wait for the next installment of "Just Joking". Good thing Vader's such a badass or I wouldn't have anything else to occupy myself with.

~May your days be filled with laughter!~

Thanks for the watch, mate! :pinkiehappy:

340105 Ahhhh I see what you did there. :twilightsmile:

340013 No problem! Lazy Twilight is hilarious!

*chuckle* Homosexual.

Thanks for the fav! :twilightsmile:


  • Viewing 90 - 94 of 94
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