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I'm a fan fiction writer who mostly deals with Sonic stories. My favorite types of stories to write are crossovers, and you can see that in many of my works.


The Doctor winds up on a far off planet inhabited by pony-like creatures. The planet seems peaceful enough, but strange things keep appearing and disappearing, and he decides to take a deeper look into this subject. Things don't go entirely as planned, though, when he comes across someone very familiar.

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And I shall wield the almighty Hammer of Interest.

And I shall wield the Axe of Following!

I am intigued. Please, continue...

Not sure if Tenth or Eleventh... I would say Tenth, but you said he's wearing a bowtie...

And i shall wield the daggers of like



Tenth or Eleventh?

Nailed the doctor he is spot on especially if you are going for the Matt Smith doctor.
this is great can't wait to read more.

If I were to say one good thing about this story, it's that you absolutely nailed the Doctor's personality. It's so accurate that I can imagine this as an actual episode opening. Please, do continue.

Ok, you got my interest, make a good use of it.

Yay, another "Aimed for Barcelona" one! You have the Doctor down pat, and the CMC are adorable. Quick thing, though: Was it a bear cub they were wrestling? Full size bears are notably heavier than 200 lbs.

And i wield the keyboard of giving shits!

Hmm this is good so far.

11th doctor? And he is NOT a Pony? FINALLY! :pinkiehappy::yay:

He going to be in a bit of a shock when he meets his Equestrian counterpart.

What do you mean "Why a fez?" Fezzes are cool!

Ah Eleventh, what crazy adventures (and crazyness) shall you unleash in this pony filled world?...and I really hope someone pokes fun at his bowtie (maybe Rarity :raritycry:)

i'm not into doctor whooves fics but i wanna give this one a try

This amuses me.

I've got something better. Y'all can have your swords, axes, daggers and hammers. (especially the ban kind) You know, I actually got hit with one before. A real live ban hammer! Apparently one of my friends thought it would be funny to make one out of PVC pipe and smack me in the face! Long story short you all can keep all those, for I wield the Sonic of taking a keen interest!:rainbowwild:

717782>>717841>>717879 and together we form the warriors of fimfiction!

721327 Sir, I do beleve you may have won the "I wield the ..." competition.

the funny thing about the sonic of keen interest is that it lends a +2 to all tasks not involving wood

Very nice, definitely one of the most original Doctor Who Stories I've seen! :twilightsmile: one thing though: why did he introduce himself twice? Unless somepony ELSE just showed up there who is also called the Doctor... :rainbowderp:

731834 At the end, both the Doctor and Doctor Whooves said "I'm the Doctor" at the same time.

732195 oh ok. :twilightsmile: It wasn't clear because it was never mentioned that Doctor Whooves showed up there.



Quick question: Are there going to be Daleks?

...NOPE. No alicorns for me. bye.

Poor Doctor. Still not a Ginger:pinkiesad2:...

Gah! He was finally ginger, and then Applebloom had to ruin everything...

The sooner you update this, the sooner I'll nerdgasm.


Nooooo, I wanted him to meet the pony him and you've cut it before that happened!!

I happen to agree with you that the Doctor would be an alicorn, were he to appear as a pony. The guy's got so much life and experiences and all that!

I got really thrown off between whooves and doctor. Maybe throw in some brakes to seperate which one is which. Cause I thought it was the doctor and then it said hooves and I was like what? :rainbowhuh: otherwise interesting and neat.

Also I understand you were going with the perception from AB's point of view but the lack of seperators between whooves threw me off at this point really bad.
"It was true. Apple Bloom didn't see any kind of change in the stallion's appearance. The Doctor blinked for a few moments, and then slapped his front hoof to his face."
I'm not saying to change it by any strech. Now that I understand it i like it just maybe explain in some way or something.

1043472 Apple Bloom doesn't understand hands and feet yet. If it's from the Eleventh Doctor's perspective, it's hands and feet, but she only knows hooves. Don't worry, I'll get things sorted out eventually.

1043469 and i shall wield the bow of fuck's given!

719132 the doctor and dr. whooves NEED to both say bowties are cool at the same time

You need to have something separating Dr. Whooves, and The Docter. it's kind of annoying. I think that's what "yourgodbrony" was talking about.

Ginger-blocked by Apple Bloom. Drat.

Anyway, nice of you to drop by with an update. It's been AGES. Write moar!

You should put a


Thing between scenes. Other than that, brilliant!

very cool. I think this is the first story I've read with the doctor being homo-sapien in equestria.

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