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A cubed

currently suffering from the curse of improving just enough to hate what i just wrote, then starting over again


I didn't die · 5:56am Oct 5th, 2017

Hey so uh. This account is dead. If you like my stories then follow my new account, Nightcoremoon. I'm gonna rewrite them on there. The originals will still stay here for archive purposes unless the mods don't like that. Peace.

Edit- okay I should probably explain wtf happened. Well, depression happened. Gender dysphoria, mostly. The angst was actually just undiagnosed mental illness but now I'm chill. Mostly.

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hey do you all know that part in mulan where mushu was all like "III LIIIIIVVVEEEEE!!!"? well that's me. you see that person below this comment on my page, nightcoremoon? she is me. if you're reading this because you're seeing if I'll ever update again, go to that page. I'll be remaking all of my stories and posting them over there.

Hey look I found my old account

Hey if you're reading this and wondering whatever happened to this author, well, this is my new page.

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thats over a year
go me

385884 when I fix my computer, I will definitely look into your groups. I wish I like now, but since this we wife's mobile app sucks (it's getting better, but I cannot even see what I'm typing right now) aimcan't do it at the moment, but trust me, I WILL do it ASAP.
(I forgot to add, if you contact me on Twitter about the Toy Story story, please do it through private messaging. Everyone on there knows Imm a Brony, which I don't mind, but they don't know I'm a fanfic writer. I'd prefer to keep it that way.

  • Viewing 31 - 35 of 35
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