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Why do I write? Because I can't draw! I write mainly as an outlet, and don't take it too seriously. If you like what I write, awesome! If not, that's cool too.


Have a good memorial day. · 6:06pm May 28th

Have fun, enjoy yourselves! But also remember what it means, and why it is observed. It's not just an American holiday, at least I don't think so. Every country has war dead, remember them today, if you can.

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Do you still have access to your Fanfiction.net account? It has a link that seems intended to go here, but just goes back to the same page; maybe FF.net is blocking links to competitors' sites now?

Also, Unlikely Scenario, Discord Went Down to Equestria and At Home on the Range are apparently erroneously marked as Incomplete there; and Discord's Reign and Breaking Barriers have people asking for updates apparently not realizing that the stories are finished here.

2232974 That. Is amazing! Yeah, I dont really have an OC that represents myself, so I think you did an awesome job!

Cap commissioned me to draw the 4 of us crazy MacinDash shippers

He told me you wanted to be a pegasus, and that I should colour you like Owlowicious so I rolled with it

BronyCon 2016

Con Date 7-10

Capt. U will be there July 4th through the 11th

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