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As a Norwegian, I think our mythological beasts deserve better than to be compared to assholes on the Internet.


The Education of Clover the Clever: Epilogue · 2:17pm Saturday

The epilogue is now out!

At the end of everything, two ponies sit down and have a long talk about what it all means.

We have crossed the finish line. Clover has earned her laurels, Star Swirl has been immaculately himself, and two very special little ponies have learned a great deal from one another.

I will be writing a story notes blog for Clover's Odyssey sometime soon. For now, go and read.


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The Swirliad

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Choice Picks


Some other pony things I've written:

Star Swirl the Bearded Exiles Your Bed To Another Dimension. My contribution to Fimfic Authors Are In Your Bed, starring Star Swirl the Bearded and Clover the Clever.

My Writeoff Association minifics from January 2015, from the prompt "All In": The Big Day, Apple Bloom Tempts Fate, A Price of Trust, The Battle of Friendship Station.

My alternate account for clop stories, Dandelion Wine.

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This is true: nothing is less cool than actively trying to be cool.

You do not try. You stand there. Trying has a high chance of making people's heads explode from cool. So just... Chill. *badum tiss*

Oh but of course!:fluttershyouch:

you seem like a cool dude.

keep being cool.

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