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As a Norwegian, I think our mythological beasts deserve better than to be compared to assholes on the Internet.


Music Re-Plug · 8:19am June 16th

4everfreebrony, my old favorite fan musician, has just released a remastered version of The Pink Side of The Moon, with a new track added.

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I saw a thing in my feed saying the blog post height limit was bothering you? Not gonna click on the blog itself because I haven't seen the episodes in question yet, but this is a thing that's completely and very easily fixable.

All you need is a style editor plugin for your browser of choice, such as Stylish for Chrome or Stylus for Firefox 57+. Go to the blog entry page on fimfiction, select something like "Create new style for this url" in the addon's drop-down menu, and paste in this code:

textarea { max-height: unset !important; }

Save, refresh the blog page, and the height limit should be gone. You can change, fix or customize all sorts of stuff this way, even to the extent of bringing back banners, colored genre tags, or character tag icons.

Have a nice day!

Interesting idea. It's been some years since I played Magic, sadly, but let me think about it.

*Cough*Oblivion Ring*cough*.

You totally need to do one of these for Starswirl. Your version, not the show's version. His would probably just be 8 copies of Planar Portal.

This is true: nothing is less cool than actively trying to be cool.

  • Viewing 43 - 47 of 47
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