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Big Mac needs to talk about some things.

This does not come easily to him.

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This is actually pretty good. You've got an interesting plot and concept here.

The only issue is your formatting. Everything's just this giant wall of text.

This is excellent and rather heart breaking.

Wait, just what exactly the story implied they did to Shining?

Poor Mac, I hope he finds peace

You really nailed the formula of three unique scenes and themes working together. The whole loss of control and superficiality of love from these catastrophes, not to mention trenderhoof, make sense to have done a number on mac's mind.

That was a very good fic. Loved it!

Thanks all for reads and comments :)

Duly noted. Big block paragraphs are hard to avoid when it's just one guy sitting and telling his story in his own words, I'm afraid. Unless you mean that literally everything is in one big paragraph, in which case that must be a bug in the website =|

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Sounds like it worked then :) Thank you all, I'm glad you liked it :twilightsmile:

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I'm not sure I should say, really. I have a theory, but it could be wrong. They don't always tell me these things. But I'd be curious to hear what you think?

Hope you like it :)

Any story that breaks away from tradtional ideas is great in my book :twistnerd: good work

Ah was a dog too... Look, Ah don't need to go into the details. It was just a couple of minutes, nopony else saw it, but even after Discord was beaten and everythin' he'd done went away, Ah can still remember,” the big stallion shuddered. “Ah aint never spoken a word of it to another living soul.”

Holy jumping jack Jesus on blue pogo stick... Winona's the one who needs therapy! Sheesh... and no doubt AJ found her furry friends walk off for a couple weeks afterward

congrats on the Feature. good story.

Great work! I must say, I was surpised when I saw that you published it, but nonless happy! This story deserve to be read by all Bronies and Pegasisters out there!

Awwww, you credited me for readign it and giving you my thought on it before publish!
I'm honored! You'l gonna make me cry!:fluttercry:
P.S Just send new chapters my way, and I'll read and comment them for you!:scootangel:

Well done. Ambiguous yet satisfactory endings can be hard to pull off, but you did a great job with this one. Big Mac has had a lot of crap heaped on his plate, and it's going to take more than just a few comforting words to clear it off. I hope he can move past it, and he may, but waving a magic wand (or horn) to make all the badness go away would be selling his journey short.

In any case, thank you for this. :twilightsmile: (And Mac is totally a Cylon.)

I always love it when fanfiction authors use information from the less-widely-known lower tiers of canon--and I love it even more when they specifically cite their sources for the benefit of the readers who are knowledgeable only of the common-knowledge higher tiers!

Star Wars: Movies > television > newer books, games, comics > older books, games, comics
Naruto: Manga and corresponding anime > anime-only episodes > movies
Friendship Is Magic: Television > comics > previous generations (?)

Holy crap. . . .Big Mac bucked Wionna!? Somepony hide meh dog!!!! :pinkiegasp:

Well done, kind sir. Well done. :twilightsmile:

Aw, I actually feel sorry for the big lug. Surprisingly sensitive and well-handled, too. :eeyup:


My theory is this:

You have a Captain of the Guard who is a victim of brainwashing. Your niece still loves him, but Shining feels all guilty. The solution? More brainwashing. He's happy. Your niece's magic means she can keep him on leash and prevent him from being brainwashed by the changelings again.

Also remember, even though Twilight mind farked the town, notice how she wasn't really punished. I wouldn't put it past Celestia to use magic to keep her society happy and stable.

Or she doesn't know and only Cadence is keeping Shining under spell control because she fears he will get brainwashed by Cryssi again.

Now all we need is Mac asking Luna about her own feelings, get her to open up, soothe her fears, and then a Lucintosh ending.
"Even if just for one mortal lifetime."


It can sometimes feel like showing off, though.

Not that I'm saying that's the case here! :pinkiegasp:

I like it, really interesting to see the psychology of Big Mac, and see the after effects of mind altering things that are treated lightly in canon (remind me of the famous fridge horror about love potions in Harry Potter).

though the one thing that annoys me is the "out of time" thing at the end, I suppose it helps pacing, but a real world therapist wouldn't have someone pour their heart out then end abruptly.

This is a great introspective story. Please do continue.

Interesting for such a foreign concept.

I wonder if perhaps this may chain into a "Big Mac finds a hobby" sort of fic. After all, how else do you meet women, if not through activities that you enjoy? Maybe if he ever got out a little, even for a few days, if he figured out something fun to do with himself he might make friends and lovers faster than he might expect.

This is going in my favorites so I can read when it updates. :twilightsmile:

Said even Rainbow Dash had been upset that Ah was apparently tryin' ta steal Fleetfoot from her,

Only flaw I really noticed while reading

Lovely story. I heard a guy choke up with Big Mac while read it, but you don't heard this from me:rainbowderp:

And this shows the dangers of Big Mac's intellect: he's more than smart enough that he can find ways to talk himself out of getting better.

This story looks deeper. And its main character does so as well -- everywhere but himself.

One of the most deservedly featured stories I've seen in a long time. Greatly enjoyed reading your take on things.
Not quite sure I agree with everything Luna says or parts of her character here but otherwise a splendid job sir!

I think he meant line breaks, to help the reader distinguish between paragraphs.

Like this.

But not like this.
This can get hard to read sometimes.

Dang, when put that way, poor Mac.

Excellent job on this.

I really enjoyed it, and it showed to be well grounded in the show without being "Behold all these moments in the show, I am so clever!" which is good :twilightsmile:

i would read more!

cart-transcendence cutie mark


And that ending, man.

I really liked your portrayal of Mac! The Apple family is such fertile ground (no pun intended, I swear!) for fics like this! The idea that nearly everyone in ponyville would need therapy after all they've been through seems fairly obvious. It's a wonder (but a welcome relief) that you were the first to do it so well! Congrats!

Haha hocuspocus: the get together is actually a spoof of magic the gathering.... I am a majour nerd.

Really a quite enjoyable read.
I could definitely sink my teeth into more of this type of stuff.

4240852 You made me have the dirty thoughts. . .*shivers* :fluttershyouch:

I kinda got the brainwashing one thing, but it seems awfully dark. Makes me think about all the magical mechanics all about the eye color things and suchs.Since the story didn't say how it should be, now I'm torn between whether this is supposed to be happy or tragic ending,

4241402 I like other dirty thoughts. . . .but not these ones! :fluttershbad:

This one resonates strongly with me. Thank you!


I am now considerably terrified by the implications of this fic. Brainwashing, mind control, and the more permanent versions of hypnosis are inherently terrifying to me, unless it's between a consenting "victim" who knows the risks, the possible outcomes, and trusts/loves (in an un-coerced state) the hypnotist so much that they agree anyway.

Luna's point of having loving sisters is a fallacy. If Big Mac and Shining have been brainwashed, then what's to say their sisters are going to notice something wrong with them? Besides Shining's dedication to Cadence (Cadence, speaking to Twilight: He's just punishing himself for what happened, pressing himself harder than he needs to. It's adorable, really.) and Big Mac suddenly feeling better and living a lie (Which is somewhat what Applejack wanted in the first place - not the lie part, obviously, but if he's lying to himself and he actually believes the lie on a conscious level, will she recognize it as a lie?). It's really based on the skill and deviousness of the caster, which Luna has heaps of both. Covering your tracks properly results in not being caught until someone decides to investigate their heads - which won't happen if there doesn't seem to be anything wrong.

Luna's little sob story just blows her credibility with me, as does her little rage when he's refusing to let her 'help' him. If he doesn't want your help - especially in a dream construct where he's actually right about the damage/tweaking you could do to his mind with amazing ease (cough cough Raise and lower the moon cough cough) and in a very short time (cough cough admitting to doing this often cough cough) - then agree to disagree, and tell him that if he ever wants to talk, you (or a certified therapist) will be there to listen.

Sure, there's times when you might need to push him harder for him to heal, but you should do that in pony, and preferably it should be Applejack, who doesn't have a horn, taking the very concept of that off the table. Or, if he really won't open up to Applejack, do it as a group, where there's witnesses to prove that nothing happened.

Did Shining Armor's eyes actually change color? Could that mean that he's under another spell, or is a Changeling?

somehow I managed to watch a cupcakes song about pinkamena:pinkiecrazy: called we're going for a ride and then...
a song about twilight and smartypants doll:twilightblush:

4238419 This almost sounds like a build up to Lines and Webs :twilightoops:

I love that you incorporated some of the comics into the narrative.


I was about to comment on that, you beat me to it. The implications are very scary indeed. They could screw with his mind to make him fit whatever behavior they want him to, or feel what they want.. for his own good, really. Feel the love.:pinkiecrazy:

I mean, in that land emotion and magic are real physical forces that can be manipulated by people, spells and potions.. no wonder BM have doubts about everything now, since he got manipulated by all of these. Where is the truth when the only truth accepted in this land is the "fun, love, friendship" one? They (everypony else) didn't waste time ganging up on him when it got apparent he didn't fit that anymore. The even got one of the princesses involved..

So it could be genuinely cute and friendly. Or absolutely terrifying. Love that ambiguity.

But all in all, loved that story. BM is smart and aware, the help is super creepy but cute at the same time.

Dis is aewsome. :pinkiegasp: I love it! Awesome story!

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