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Door Matt's Marvellous Mad May of Madness Month · 9:42pm Apr 22nd, 2015

Evenin' all.

I haven't been jolly active as of late (for a variety of reasons) and I plan to change that in a rather big way. Mostly because I feel slightly guilty that everyone who took the time to follow me is getting diddly squat to show for it.

So then, what's the plan? Introducing: Door Matt's Marvellous Mad May of Madness Month.

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Cards, Monsters, Feels, Super Powers, all this and not much more can be found here!

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A better question would be--


The answer to that question is long and strange indeed.

Out of everything she could have been... why is Twilight a Reaper?

At the very least it's more interesting than 'Yep, I just never noticed."

Well too bad, cause it is because of the Writeoff!
And you seem to be a sporting chap regardless.

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