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After attempting suicide, Jason Wright finds himself far more alive than he'd hoped. His ordeal in Equestria it seems, isn't over just yet. And he learns that friendship can come after all, but from the most unlikely place. With Ponyville itself in the firing line of the persecuted survivor, the stage is set for a titanic clash of power, and it may take more than magic to stop him.

After the End, who will be left standing?

This charming little tale is an alternate sequel to Ending by the remarkably cheerful Mister Blonde.
I now recommend reading that first. T'is very short, and an engaging read. If you have, it means you've might've read the "canon" sequel - Never Really the End. Will this be as uplifting as that? Eeeenope!

Chapters 1 through 4 pre-read by Confusion_
After Hours Pts. 1 and 2 pre-read by Mimic Kairatta, Feo Takahari and Mister Blonde himself!
By the grace granted by the magic of mysterious data coding, this story was Featured on a warm September evening.

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He's right, people. I was so excite, I forgot finer grammar.

Yeah, I can't see this ending well for Jason. Or Discord will get a rude awakening once he gets to Earth.

Everyone is going to die. :pinkiecrazy:

Yep, I can get behind this

You would let that mad creature into our world for revenge. While I am awfully disappointed in you Jason I can not deny how very... Human, your choice is.

Very well! The ponies shall suffer your revenge and discord shall have access to our chaotic world. Humanity has proven resilient before, we shall do so again. Maybe we will even co-operate with discord and join Jason in bringing the ultimate form of chaos to equestria...


4349449 Humanity is chaos. Discord is mischievous, but Humanity goes even deeper into the very core of madness and mayhem. Killing for fun is something Discord has never done. :pinkiecrazy:

4349550 depends on what the authors take on discord is. Some imagine that the only thing stoping him from being a dark, cruel, omnicidal maniac is because corpses aren't fun to torture.

I personally share your view of him not holding a candle to humanities military grade spotlight when it comes to destructive chaos.

4349635 Mostly agree. Discord's in it "for the lolz" so to speak.
Another way to look at it is the Joker's "Kill you? I don't want to kill you!" speech from The Dark Knight. As far as I know, Q from Star Trek wasn't exactly in the murdering business either.


MOAR ENDING SEQUELS. :pinkiehappy:

Keep up the good work!

4349842 I'll fave depending on your answer:
Will Discord or won't Discord come to regret this decision very quickly?

Damn, yer the first commenter I actively recognize from other fics. I feel all tingly inside.
Asl for the answer...well...uh....spoilers? ^^

4352146 Can't you PM me the answer? :fluttershysad:
I'm standing by what I said: whether I fave or not depends on the answer to that question.

"A sane man driven to lunacy by heartless ponies, will wreak chaos upon them in his madness, as retribution to the world that has so selfishly denied his presence."
"When harmony stopped caring, discord welcomed him, and the man was nobody, no more"

Somehow you talking about Batman, the killing joke comes to mind and fits quite well here too (except for the details concerning gorden and such)
I like the read of this passage, done by a very good Mark Hamill voice imitator.

One chapter, less than two-thousand words, and then not a peep for three months?

*Pokes story with toe of shoe* She ain't lookin' too good there, Jim, whaddya think?

Jim: I dunno, give 'er another month maybe. She might pull through, but prolly not.

I know...I know...believe it or not I'm still working on Chapter 2 on a hit-and-miss basis, since summer has been a rather busy time for me. Also it's the chapter where the action comes together and I need it to be good so...yeah. Really quite shocked by the favourites for this fic still coming in.

I'd say expect Chapter 2 to drop in the next three or four days!

4352146 Ohh, that would just be glorious...

Discord on Earth...OHONHONHONHONHON!

For some reason I'd always thought you'd read this ages ago. :twilightsheepish:
Glad you seem to like it though. You can probably already tell just how different a direction it's going to yours. Any tips you'd like to share having been with Jason for so long now? ^^

4815332 Fear has been ingrained in his mind. No matter how powerful he becomes, he should panic at the sight of rainbow horse. But with chaos-magic, his panicking would be VERY dangerous...

And a lifelong phobia of thunderstorms. Can't forget that.

Hahaha! Yes! He's finally gonna get a slice of vengeance with a side order of answers! Hahaha! I love it!

I have only one word for this...

Never gets old. ^^

Imagine if he just becomes Raiden.

I say Plague, has Pat's Metal Gear fascination finally spilled over to you?

4827764 It's not just Pat, it's all of them, constantly. You tend to pick up on a few things when they just gush over how cannon he is, and how he's in that new Metal Gear game.

That's a demonic deal if I ever did see one.

But remember kids! No matter how often people tell you that demonic deals are bad, be sure to make them! If you're smart enough to trick the demon or honest don't give a shit about what payment it requires, it's well worth it.
Just look. Liliana makes a deal with four powerful demons, selling her soul and freedom for youth and power. She even had a broken card made for the occasion! And now she's already killed two of her masters. Sure, maybe now she's being possessed and forced into destroying worlds or something, but that's besides the matter. And the Sultai made dark deals too, but now look at them! They're awesome and I will totally get their intro pack.

This... this made me shed a single tear of happiness...

Keep up the fucking good work, soldier!:flutterrage:

This is great, but our character is a wee bit susceptible to their magics. I hope he realizes that things need to get ugly, in brilliant orchestration.

Burn them all...

Those ponies deserve it.

You know your fic has made it when Billy Mays comments on it. Not bad for a dead guy either.


The biggest thing that I took from this was that Jason's a little... short-sighted when it comes to having the power to do anything.

Have the earth swallow Applejack until only her head is above ground, then force her to speak the truth in the same way Discord forced Fluttershy into cruelty. Blindfold Fluttershy with a leaf that elongates into a bit of cloth that moves like a serpent before wrapping around her eyes. Make every building in Ponyville develop a tendril-arms and bind its inhabitants for questioning, or make everyone fall asleep and then investigate one pony at a time (possibly in their dreams. Their subconscious could give away more than their mouths would). Create illusions for each of the Mane 6 that he was torturing and killing their friends if they don't speak (this lets him still have "talks" with all of them, rather than killing some off before he could question them). Split into multiple bodies to handle more stuff in town at once. Open the head, ruffle through the filing cabinet stored inside, read the desired folder, then close head. Steal the horns and wings of every significant character and replace them with playdough that forms faces telling them how horrible they are for what they did to a guy they didn't know.


“My...hm hm hm...talents have gone to such a waste lately. For a little something in return, I will take you back and let you borrow all of my considerable skills to do with as you please. I imagine a few certain ponies would be more inclined to listen to you then, wouldn’t you say?”

That's a deal with the Devil if I've ever heard one.

I admit, It Never Really Ends had it's charm, but something about your story, even if it's only three chapters in, feels so much more...satisfying, both in the dialogue, delivery, and the implications of things to come. I look forward to future unpdates from you, good sir.

You two have some wonderfully imaginative, downright evil ideas! AND I LUV IT!!!!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Well the tone here is markedly different, and I believe the ponies here are sticking to their ways alot more than in INRE. I do feel the same when there's something about INRE that bugs me, but still haven't really put my finger on what yet.
Surprised it's still going actually with all the chapters it has. I'm planning on far less, and as you might be able to tell, I'm building to quite a head in the story.

If anyone has ideas like these, don't be afraid to put them out here. :trollestia:
But yeah, Jason's still building up, as it were. Next chapter though? Oh boy. You won't wanna miss that.

I love this story already :pinkiecrazy:

Who doesn't like a good battlescene? Well, good to have you back. Let's make this epic.

And what made it infinitely worse was that she was once my favourite.

Interestingly enough, it is now canon that Applejack was Jason's favorite.

Yes yes yes! Please let Rainbow be dead. Pretty please!

4951813 I like the other one more.

I'm not saying I don't like the other one, I just think they both have their own unique appeal.

Or make them know and feel how he felt all that time. Make them feel it all at once in one massive info dump straight into their minds.

I am not seeing this ending in too many ways favorable to him though. He'll either get killed or turned to stone.

Since when was Applejack anyone's favourite? :trollestia:

Kidding aside, I'm assuming that was brought up in INRE?

4958687 Yeah, in one of the latest chapters. When Jason is captured by AJ.

So I launch the fireball directly at the heart of Ponyville.

Insta-upvote. :pinkiecrazy:

Also, he must screw with all the ponies, and then before destroying the whole planet, get his last laugh in by sucker-punching Discord. :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

I imagine you would since there's far more to it and it gets updated on time! :twilightsheepish:
Any other reasons for preferring it?

You sir seem to have seem to have a peculiar blood-lust for RD. Care to explain?

Ah well. No way I coulda known about that, so I'll keep mine as is.

4961831 SOMEBODY gets it! Jesus Christ, somebody gets it! Yes! YES! We need to start the "Rainbow Dash Dies" group. Come on! It'll be amazing!

I always wonder why I keep hoping for a bad ending to lighthearted stories and a good ending for these darker kind of stories. Not right now though. I just want to know how far both sides go until they snap and head for diplomacy. Or kick the shit out of each other. Whichever seems more appropriate.

I totally agree with you.
Rainbow seriously needs her shit slapped.

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