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The fields of magic and dress-making have always been separate arts, until Rarity decides to perform a little "experiment".

The result is a creation so polarising, that soon all of Equestria is caught up by one enraging question:

Just what colour is that dress?

Shamefully written to "celebrate" #dressgate
Cover Art generously provided by The Syreth Clan

Chapters (1)
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As with most of my stories written to coincide with a real-life event, I regret nothing! :trollestia:

All aboard! We've got free drinks and biscuits for everyone!

That meme is absolute mind-blowingly dumb. It seriously escalated to the point that men of science have gotten involved and explained the picture. I'm sore that I even read that article to find out what all the fuss was about. D: I want me ten minutes back.

:rainbowwild: Please, someone must make art of this!

I was especting to see Luna and Celestia arguing about the dress, but this was funny anyway :ajsmug:

5678983 Is a memefic all ya got?

Why, good sir, that makes for a far better ending than the one I chucked together. Now you can see it!

The only good things that came from that stupid dress was this fic and the fact I could troll yesterday by wearing a black and blue t-shirt, asking people what colour I was wearing. I had too much fun doing that to the fashion sheep :trollestia:

good news dress sales of that particular item have risen 347 percent. Bad news dress sales of that particular item have risen 347 percent. That is all...

On the dress, (not rarity's) I saw orange-gold and pale blue...

No... Black and white. Definitely and distinctly black and white. (The two escaped llamas in Arizona, that is.)

Oh wow I don't get it :derpyderp2:


A fun read! I think it has some truth to it. Present something that doesn't fit within a common understanding and all bets are off. I'm unaware of what you based your story on but I still found it enjoyable.
My feedback would be that you could have had a better ending with the diary. It could have been more of a punchline than what it is. What did Rarity learn from it (apart from what she said to Celestia)?
And: enhance -> enchant.

IT'S BLACK AND BLUE!!! :rainbowlaugh:

Really? I see white and gold. And gray and gold. Maybe I need to get my eyes checked...

5683007 Oh, no, not you too! Whoever made this dress needs to be sent to the moon...:trollestia:

I don't know. One minute I'm seeing white and gold, then blue and black, then gray and brown!

5683020 I'm starting to think that this was all a Jimmy Kimmel stunt...calling it now :rainbowlaugh:

Now as we all watch the world descend into chaos once more... This fic shall survive! LOL!
Loved it and the ending... minus the part where I then envisioned Tia and Luna fighting over what color the flames were... white, or blue? :derpyderp1:

Colored flames are actually a thing.

(Hydrogen burns transparent)

Only way I know of to make a white light with a fire (Without getting it very hot):

Many, many thanks good sir! I shall use it proudly. T'is perfect.


I feel like I have missed something important.

Despite the bandwagon situation, this was still quite amusing.
Though I must say, if it was gold and white (which I have to admit I totally thought it was), I think it might have looked better. The black/blue combo clashes with her hair IMO (but it does look nice with her eyes). Hey 5684086, think you could do one of those in the other color combo so we can see what it would've looked like?
I also found it amusing that you had the Princesses think the flames were their sister's colors and not their own.

You know, a devious author might start alternating the cover image between those two every day, to really f**k with people.
Good thing I'm not a devious author. :ajsmug:

*points to story image*

I had this exact same idea and wrote it all out, but my internet's been down for the past two days so I couldn't post it. Great job on this, though. It's good.

Absolutely no reason why you can't still post it.
Hell, since you probably didn't do a rush-job like me, it might be better!

5686488 Meh, mine's not all that great. And it was also pretty rushed.

Well cheers for the Follow regardless! Muchos appreciatos. :twilightsmile:

5686516 No problem! I meant to follow you a while back.

So, I was looking through my favorites and saw that the dress colors changed. I was freaking out, until I read the comments again XD.

Yes...yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees, all goes according to plan. First the fashion world, then, THE WORLD! MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Also thank you for the wonderful read, twas good with dinner!

where did this meme come from anyway?

As soon as I saw this thing about the dress, I knew someone would write a story where Rarity was responsible. Well done though, I liked it.:twilightsmile:

Finally got a chance to read the fanfic after it was published a couple of days ago.

Moral of the story: Never make dresses that has a color scheme that will confuse the heck out of the people looking at it.

this is my response to this whole Dress Color War.

Oh Glob, they actually used the "gate" suffix for this? :facehoof:


I was going to say, Tumblr, but hell sums it up well enough.

I'm not entirely convinced this was worth anyone's time, but if you say so sir!

Those two arn't mutually exclusive ya know.

I know this is comedy but my overly-nitpicky analytical brain feels the need to point out that this theoretically couldn't happen in real life. It's the picture itself that made everyone so confused about the original meme. Not the dress.

5691003 What is dat supposed to mean?:rainbowhuh:

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