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An Obituary for a Story. · 1:13am Dec 19th, 2015

Hi, folks. I’ll keep this brief if I can. It’s basically an apology. I wanted to give you a story this Christmas, but unfortunately that’s not going to happen.

A couple of months ago I had the idea in my head that, since we were entering that time of year, I would do to ponies what a great many other people have done before with other things, and with far greater success: re-tell the classic story of Charles Dickens’ festive tale, A Christmas Carol, couched in the universe of [insert genre or franchise here.] So I did. I figured in my mind how I’d make it work, and over the course of about two and half months I wrote it out starring our favourite characters, calling it A Hearthswarming Hymn. I had fun doing it and there are some elements of it I’m still quite proud of. I was looking forward to seeing what you thought of it.

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    A long time ago, I read one of your stories: A Friend of a Friend. I had, at the time, been going through a Spike-fic phase, where I needed to see the little drake overcome his hardships and emerge as a stronger individual. Your story I read expecting little--and out of it I got so much.

    I didn't (sadly) pay enough attention to who had written it, but long story short, I favorited and liked that story almost immediately.

    And now, months later, I have rediscovered your profile through a comment made in a group. It feels like I've stumbled upon an old book I had forgotten about, whose entire first half I had not yet read, but whose forward I clearly and vividly remember.

    You are exactly what I want to be: an incredible, humble, and noteworthy storyteller. You have such an amazing gift with the art of writing that just writing to you about it makes me gush with excitement and joy. Truly, you are among my literary heroes, regardless of the fact that I know you primarily through fanfiction.

    One day, I hope to write to the level that is even just a smidgen of the quality of your work.

    Don't worry 8686. We will still be with you! :twilightsmile:

    You literally have the most interesting username I have ever seen:moustache::raritystarry: and I read one of your story descriptions, seriously, this is the fastest I've ever followed someone

    Happy Thanksgiving! :pinkiehappy:

    Thanks for sharing such well-written slice-of-life stories here. :ajsmug:

    Where is the like button for this journal?

    Oh, right, you prefer comments anyway :P.

    Well, I've only read one of your stories (Snowballs, featuring ninja'd Appledash ^^ - you know the one). Except that, well, now I feel like I've read two - because I've just read your experiences writing it (and others).

    Your story is just as compelling as the narrative you write. If anything it feels more real - because, I suppose, it is. That may seem trivial, but it's not. It reads as being honest. Given the time and effort you put into your writing, as well as responding to comments on your stories, I'm willing to trust that impression. To me, this honest story is worth as much, if not more, as your entertaining or dramatic ones. Because, apart from being good reading in it's own right, it provides a kind of connection to you, The Author, which I would never have had otherwise.

    Edit: Reading the comments below, I want to make clear that I don't begrudge you your choices as to how much information about yourself you share. I mean no more and no less than that I appreciate the things you do share.

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