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The surprise arrival of a group of fearsome dragons over Canterlot precipitates a panic in Equestria's capital. With tensions running high, a response needed and almost no information to work with, the Princesses reach out to the only pony they can call on for help.

Thrust into a precarious maze of political imperitives and Phyrric choices, where the wrong word said at the wrong moment could begin a war, Spike must use all of his wits to bring the two sides together peacefully. He knows it's possible... but he seems to be the only one who does.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 22 )

Hey, great to see you're still around!

Strong opening chapter, I'm looking forward to where it goes.

This is pretty cool. I absolutely loved your Daring Do story. I’ll bite this! :yay:

8686 has a new story?

Excuse me if I fave before reading.

Uhh, why not just ask Ember? She and Spike correspond regularly, and she is the Dragon Lord, so either she knows what's going on, or can order the dragons to tell her, and, if it's hostile, order them to stop.

Between seasons 6 and 7... calibrating... okay, so Ember has just become the dragon lord, but none of her other episodes have happened yet. Roger that.

I'm curious whether this will be part of the same universe as Eclipse and Of Dragons and Horses, Songs and Solace, but I suppose we'll learn the answer to that soon enough.


I'm curious whether this will be part of the same universe as Eclipse and Of Dragons and Horses, Songs and Solace

I wanted to make it fit, and I really tried to find a way to do it, but unfortunately they're not really compatible. Sorry. :ajsleepy:

I'm fairly sure you've ratcheted up the tension a little too high. They may be strong, but we've seen fully grown dragons be cowed by Fluttershy before. I'm pretty sure if Celestia spoke softly and carried a big stick, they'd see reason. Either that, or she could just threaten to have Discord turn them all into multicolored hamsters if they killed anypony.

Like they said, even if ponies like fluttershy are good 1v1 (and I'm not convinced that 'the stare' would even work all the time like that) the problem is that they can't fight an entire army with a few super-weapons.
As for Discord, I don't think he works that way, and I wouldn't be surprised if there where other powerful beings out there similar to Celestia, Luna, Discord or Tirek, so you can't just assume the dragons don't "know a guy" willing to help.

Always love me a Spike story, and gosh darn the political intrigue you’ve set up here is fascinating! Can’t wait to see where you go with this1

Maybe it's a doomsday thing.


Eh. Was the long bit about the nature of war, simulations, and the parts with the yaks really necessary?


So...guess Celestia's gonna be the 'bad' politician in this. As usual.

Celestia, like a Momlestia, is worried about her precious son.

Well. The politician. As opposed to the faithful Friendshippian.

Oh, well, that was easy. All Spike has to do is chill with Ember until Celestia shows up, explain the situation, and problem solved. The dragons could easily move to Ponyville, where there's more room and the ponies are most used to giant creatures running around.

Celestia is just making more excuses cause she's not mare enough to admit it.

Yes. Basic writing: establish the normal thing before throwing something abnormal into the mix.


Couldn't they have just cut that all out and told Spike, "Dragons just showed up out of the blue, and we're really concerned as to why." In what way was the yak simulation relevant?

Celestia does realize that she's going to have to murder at least one of those dragons in order to sell a deterrence strategy, right?

Man the one time celestia choose to not negotiate peacefully and it blows up in her face. Maybe round too, if I was ember I would have found dragons that agree with her and want to better dragon society

Yeah Spike what are you suggesting?

Poor ember, she cant seem to catch a break...and citizens...as in pleural? Me thinks some of the dragons may be working behind embers back.

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