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Well, I'm one of the few bronies that hail from Singapore. Still, I'm here to put my writing skills to the test, so leave feedback if you enjoyed one of my stories! Peace out! ^^


So, I'm back. · 3:48am Nov 4th, 2014

Well, that was certainly fun. Over a month of no internet in the new apartment building I moved into, leaving me with only campus internet to work off, and seeing that uni assignments have been keeping me pretty busy, I haven't had much opportunity to check out what's been going on this site.

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My fellow singaporean i do hope that you would continue your stories soon and best of luck!

1157836 I hope he does another one about titan fall

Any news on Elements of Gaming?

You have my thanks for following me. I hope you will enjoy your stay as I try to keep to the standard that I have somehow set for myself.

Gave you a jolly 150 followers :3

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