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I have been thinking...

Are cupcakes superior to cookies?
Is there really a question to life, the universe, and everything?
How do create a story and grab attention through the first part?
Should I try to write a fanfic blending aspects of the ponyverse with the homeworld-verse?

--- Prepare to grab the Homeworld wiki if you are not acquainted with the game.

Would Pinkie be an awesome Sajuuk-Khar? Or would it be epic if she fought with Celestia over the Hyperspace cores?
Would the core "brain" of a Mothership find himself/herself stranded on Equestria?
Would the Vaygr/Taiidani/Hiigaran fight over a lush and utopian planet with ponies on it?
Would the ponies, under the glorious rule of Celestia/Luna/Sparkle, lead their fleets to victory and thus establish a harmonious dominion over the galaxy?
Would said dominion be too restrictive for the rest of the galaxy?
Would the ponies be sent to an Exile for a long time?
Should I substitute a race with ponies, insert the ponies as another race or ponify everything?
Would it be a good idea to slam the Mane Six together in a conclave/fleet command/unbound state in the core of a Mothership?
Should a Bentusi-like Progenitor-ship impart knowledge upon the ponies, or should it/he/she reawake old technology and wait for the ponies to discover their legacy?
Would anyone be interested in a single entity describing ascendancy and a journey to find the source of an irregularity (MAGICKS!) in an uncharted corner of the galaxy?

If anyone comes across this... please give your twenty cents.


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Ohmigosh, I totally made a blog post with the intention of making a blog post!


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Hey, so I stumbled across this Homeworld crossover under the recent updates page.
Thought you might want to take a look at it if you haven't already. Maybe it could give you some ideas on how you could write your fic. :twilightsmile:


Thanks for the complement. The Imperial Guard had always been my favorite army after reading Gaunt's Ghost and some other Imperial Guard novels. That and they sometimes say interesting things when the galaxy starts to go grimdark on them.

No problem. I really, really love the humor in that guide of yours, and it just gets to me with the tongue-in-cheek attitude towards the different scenarios that so often appear in HiE fics. It amuses me to no end and I even spotted your consecutive attacks on the fourth wall. (What did it ever do to you?! *sniff*) :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the fav!

I'm not familiar with Homeworld so I can't give twenty cents, only about 13. :derpytongue2: I'd say go for it, see where you can take it. If it's decent, I'll read it gladly.

My opinion (one that holds for all crossovers) is that one thing that needs to be a big priority for the author is clearly describing elements of the crossover. This would allow for those who are unfamiliar to the crossed universe to enjoy the story just as much as those who are avid fans of it.

Like I said, if you write it, I'll read it. Best of luck to you.
- Absurdity

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