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Holy shit I keep forgetting this place is even a thing. I should probably do some stuff on here...


Usually when you are killed, you die. Of course there are exceptions to every rule. Usually those exceptions don't end up in a world full of colorful talking ponies with 3 other people from random points of Earth's history, but hey, I can't complain too much. Now if we can just figure out what happened, how we ended up in Equestria, and who is responsible for this mix up...

Will add tags for characters as they appear.

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This had me giggling like a schoolgirl. Good work.


So many lols were had reading this chapter. Tracking like a bawss

fang hua: i knocked out 8 guards
father: why not 10, u dissapoint famiry

looking forward to reading more. Good work.

This is hilarious.

have some stars. and another person tracking.

1. Tracked
3. Tobuscus's HOT SYMPHONY!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVsjQbFPIPY

Smashing story idea my good lad, I simply can not withhold the copious amounts of enthusiasm I currently hold for this story. :moustache:

I posted this story late last night, then I went to sleep. I wake up this morning with 50+ emails about.

Holy crap, you guys. I am overwhelmed at the response! I'll try to post more ASAP! :twilightsmile:

Very interesting, I shall

Hmmmm so interesting I'll track this also

Hmmm, what is the good word here?


Oh, I know.

George VI was still King of England during WW2.

Hell yeah! Keep up the great work man!:pinkiehappy:


Oops! I knew there was something I was forgetting. :twilightoops: Thanks for pointing that out!

I laughed my ass off. If you would take the shield from a Sparta, he would be very angry. Those shields are like their souls. If a Spartan returned to Sparta without his shield, he would be sentenced to death.

I will be tracking this, very good job! Very interesting setting!


Who gave you spoilers?!??? er... I mean... Yes, he would be mad about that...:rainbowderp:


:facehoof: Sparta was a city-state of Greece. LONG before Rome was founded.

Track'd, 5-star'd. Congrats, you're awesome.


No, the Spartans were definitely Greek.

Awesome story, though. Well done all around. I await new installments eagerly.

A "Human in Equestria", buddy-style comedy staring warriors displaced from their timelines? An intriguing concept... tracking now to see what hijinks await in the next episode.

172592 I can already guess what hijinks awaits. And it doesn't seem good for our fair co-er...police officer.


Wait, who told you...? Are... are you a wizard? :pinkiegasp: I don't even know what hijinks await our group... or do I? :pinkiehappy:

that was awsome! i can not wait for another chapter, i lol'd pretty hard readin this :rainbowlaugh:

Whoa.... This is...different....:derpyderp1:

I LIKE IT!!:ajsmug:

This is a way cool HiE idea! Keeps a goingz! As I stroke my small beard....Curiously:moustache:

I came, I saw, I tracked.

I've been needing more comedy in my diet, I hope this continues:twilightsmile:


You... came? :applejackconfused: ummm... thanks? :twilightblush:

Oh my fricking gawd, the writing is frankly second-rate but I'm tracking anyway because lulz. I'm laughing my ass off already.:rainbowlaugh:


I had a feeling everyone was going to take the wrong meaning from that reference. Oh internet is there nothing you can't ruin :heart:

Just...assume I liked the fic.

*grumbles about kids nowadays"

:pinkiecrazy:.... Excellent!
:moustache: I say my good sir this is quite the story please keep up the awesome work.


I know what you meant, but when you leave an opening for a joke that glaring... I just can't help myself :twilightblush:

fist brony in equestria story that has been, well, GOOD. i already love the characters.

Man you grabbed me by the THROAT WITH THIS STORY!!!


I like the attention to detail in keep the humans from way back shorter than modern humans. :twilightsmile:

This is an interesting concept to say the least. Moving on to chapter 2 :pinkiehappy:


Amazing but I'm going to wait for another five chapters before I rate.

OK, so we've got:
The badass Spartan! :rainbowdetermined2:
The badass Chinese chick! :rainbowdetermined2:
The saboteur from 2.WW :rainbowdetermined2:
And a undercover cop from 2012 :rainbowdetermined2:
If this isn't the most awesome team ever, I don't know what is :rainbowkiss:
I am so tracking this! :pinkiehappy:

I was reading this in the library...

...Then I read the "air bananas" bit...

...Now I'm outside. In the cold.
Thanks a lot, author. You hilarious douchebag.
P.S. - I love you.
P.P.S. - have Alkios do a "this. Is. SPARTA!" because it would be awesome.

hahaha! *SLAP* :rainbowlaugh:
My god! So many lolz I think I might actually die laughing and be HAPPY about it! Tracking!!:yay:

XD This seems VERY interesting! I, Magical Trevor, shall continue to read! ALLONS-Y!

~ Moonstone, Minstrel of Equestria


This is amazing, interesting and funny. I will very much enjoy this. Tracking but can't give ya any stars though, the system seems to be on the fritz. :derpytongue2:

:rainbowlaugh: okay, that was a funny last thought, i mean really "Dag nab it. I forgot to feed the cat.

"?! :rainbowlaugh: i was cracking up, he thought what i least expected him to :twilightsmile:

Well honestly the writing is... well a little less than average to be blunt but you more than make up for it with entertaining characters, a promising plot, and great story moments.

More than makes up any writing so definitely tracked.

Note to self: NEVER, EVER EVER EVER read this fic!... In class... OH EM CEE... Are you TRYING to get me in HUGE trouble?! I just about DIED at the end trying to contain my laughter! JERK! I thought my stomach was going to explode from not being able to laugh! Don't be so inconsiderate in the future!

*AHEM* Also, I can't help but think back to the AWESOME songs by Tobuscus, known as the 'Hot Symphony' songs! XD Hotot Hotot, hotot hotot, hotot hotot hotototot! *Continues to sing the Pirates Hot Symphony song*

~ Moonstone, Minstrel of Equestria

p.s. In case you missed the overall message, KEEP ON KEEPING ON! Ma'at, dude! Just Ma'at!

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