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You, Mark Thomson, had always been anything but simple. A very unpredictable nineteen year old music lover, who was the lead guitarist and vocalist of your own band. After winning a bet with your brother, you awake in an unfamiliar place with strange supernatural powers, surrounded by anomalous beings. Yup, time for HIE.

Rated teen for swearing and a bit of gore (Not enough to deserve a tag)

Authors note: Just wanna say comedy and dark will both be minor categories. Some dark moment here, a funny reference there, things like that.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 92 )

I shall see where this goes. :moustache:

I like it now have a moustache :moustache:

2138405 Thanks im glad your enjoying it so far. Expect chapter two to be out tomorrow im almost finished with it.:twilightsmile:

2138279 I dont get it.:rainbowhuh:

takes that long to explain evreything

2138841 so your saying i should overall just take less time to explain things? like use less detail?

i was joking about how much stuff they have done in the cartoon nothin bout your writing style :moustache:

2139474 ok, but i do something wrong nobody hesitate to tell me so i can try to correct it in future chapters:twilightsmile:

oh and also if you ever need a murderous fun insane person


A lot of mistakes in there, but it is kinda good.

I like the concept.


2140530 what kind of mistakes? Grammar? spelling?story?

Grammar and spelling. You need to get an editor to check your work.

2141944 ok thanks for the feedback i just published chapter 2

what kind of musician is he? will he play metal or something like that?

2142200 genre-alternative, band-Three days grace. heres one of my favorite songs by them http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4VCpTZye10

2142347 strange, nobody i know likes dire straits or even mark knopfler:fluttercry:

but i like pretty much everything except pop so it's okay :pinkiehappy:

2142357 i showed multiple of my friends this band and they all LOVED them, so i figured it would be a hard band to hate.

What kind of music does Mark listen?

Nice choice of Artist and song my friend. Can't wait for next chapter!! :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy:

2142596 thanks for the confidence boost. I expected people to act a lot more hostile when i mentioned music:pinkiehappy:

I've always liked music fics.
Also really interested in how you've started this story.
YOU sir, have earned a thumb and fave!:twilightsmile:


I think he should play something more along the lines of this:

Also, I can edit for you if you want.

2144042 wow thanks! I'm working on chapter 3, and i keep debating with myself if i should have this one thing happen or not. :applejackconfused: I might be able to have it up by tomorrow, but everyone should expect it on Wednesday, around 3ish when i get home from school :twilightsheepish:

You gotta watch out for the "You're" and "Your" problem. I'm seeing that a little.

2144346 thats an extremely common typo, and i hate when people confuse the two, yet i occasionally do it myself :facehoof:

Hey everyone. I'm happy to say that i now have an editor.:yay: He did an amazing job on chapter one. His name is Machiniman20. Many thanks to him :pinkiehappy:

Here I am at 5AM still typing away. I've been working for hours to try and get chapter 3 out for you guys by tomorrow and i finally finished it! Expect it to be out tomorrow once i wake up. I wanna look over it one more time when i'm NOT in a zombified state. :pinkiecrazy:

Alright, after an hour of revising, chapter 3 is ready to be published. Hope you guys enjoy. :pinkiehappy:

this is awesome I can't wait for more :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

2148091 its people like you, and comments like that, that keep me typing. Time to start chapter 4 :twilightsmile:

Guys i have two words for all of you. Writers block. I cant think of anything! :flutterrage: If you guys could help me with some suggestions that would be great.

2148602 is there anything specific that you are stuck on like a certain part?

For the past couple hours I have been listening to music trying to think of what to write for chapter 4. Instead I mentally created the last 2 chapters :facehoof:

Really good! And the selection of music was even better, I really love Three Days Grace and you chose two of my favorites from them!

Now I know what I'm doing for chapter 5 and a SMALL portion of chapter 4 :facehoof: why can't my brain think of this stuff in order!?

okay everybody, I'm back on track, you can expect chapter 4 on Thursday. And then Chapter 5 on Sunday or possibly Saturday if i can finish by then. :yay:

I'll be posting chapter 4 in about half an hour. Sorry its taking so long.

once again you don't disappoint, thanks for the new chapter




How did i not hear of this awesome music before now?! You sir, have found me an awesome band I've never heard of before! I doth my invisible hat to thee! :moustache:

2188695 Haha I knew people would like it :twilightsmile: Unfortunetly my teachers decided to take a huge fucking dump of projects, tests, and homework on me this week. :flutterrage: So no new chapter till I get a chance to work on it this weekend. Now i have an idea of what to do for chapter five but its not quite enough. Hopefully ill have everything ready to go in my mind by this weekend. One last thing, I don't have school on Friday so i MIGHT be able to get two chapters out by Sunday. MAYBE.

Very good and the pacing is fine but you might want to double check your work or get it proofread, there were a few issues but the main thing was that you said Octavia had a horn, she's an earth pony :derpytongue2:

2195075 oops my bad. It was originally Lyra who Mark saved but i ended up changing it, ill go look through the chapter and fix it

Hey everyone. I'm about half way done with chapter 5 and I plan on getting it out tommorow afternoon. Sorry its taking so long, im having some writers block issues. :twilightangry2:

Ok I like the idea of "mood" powers, points for originality and creativity.
Also, points for the music, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, points for not OP-ing him. (Would be boring if you did)
All in all: good story:scootangel:

Keep at it man:moustache:.

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