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Back on the horse! (That just sounds wierd in this fandom) · 12:42am Sep 8th, 2013

So! I have started writing again. This next chapter is going to be LONG. I'm almost at 6k words and I don't think I've even hit the half way point. Brilliant Point and Demon Eyes Laharl are keeping me to task on writing and I will keep everyone updated as to the status of it. Despite the long pause between updates I'd like to think that I put a lot of effort into the holes and gaps in my story such that things will be even higher quality when I post the first chapter. I am probably going to

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Thanks for watching me, and hope you are interested in my new story! :twilightsmile:


Been following you forever and I've enjoyed seeing your writing change over time. It's been a pleasure to be part of it :heart:

I just wanted to thank you for commenting so much on my stuff. I really appreciate it. So, thanks!


Leeeeettle drunk right now but if you can shoot me a pm tomorrow I"ll make sure to gt them for you. One is quantum something or other. Quantum traveler? Can't remembe the other

I was reading through the comments for the latest chapter of Mighty Demon Slayer Grooms Ponies, and I saw you call this the third story of the fandom that's 'wowed' you. Mind sharing the other 2?

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